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Writing An FAQ Page For Lawyer SEO

Updated: May 11, 2022

How To Write A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page For Law Firms

People like to get answers fast. That's why users appreciate it when customer service responds quickly to their inquiries. That's what FAQ pages are for—quick solutions to common problems, with an additional benefit of being great for your Lawyer SEO. Let's discuss why your law firm needs an FAQ page and how you should write it.

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The Customer Service Angle

Instead of having to respond to every single email about the most common questions sent to your firm, you can just make a dedicated page where people can have immediate access to them. While it's good to have some inquiries come in, some users don't really like to directly interact with firms. Not to mention, having the answers to their concerns readily available on your website means that the solutions to some problems are immediately accessible.

The Lawyer SEO Angle

FAQs are particularly great for Lawyer SEO because of Voice Search. The keywords and overall language used in FAQs are often more casual, in the form of a question, similar to how people would ask their virtual assistants to do Google searches for them.

You can definitely optimize your FAQ pages for Voice Search, so use that as a chance to incorporate keywords that are otherwise too casual for your legal guides and other blog posts.

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The 5 Steps To Writing An FAQ Page

Below is a list of what you should do to write an effective FAQ page for your law firm.

1. Make A List Of Common Questions

Your FAQs should be relevant and useful to you and the industry you belong to. So instead of finding a generic FAQ list and use the same questions, figure it out by sifting through the common inquiries you get via email. You can also think back to your first client consultations and list the things they asked you.

If you're a new or small firm that hasn't been getting a lot of emails, you can go to a few competitors' websites and look through their FAQ page. After seeing a few of them, you'll start seeing a pattern, so add the questions that come up more often to your list.

2. Divide Your Questions Into Categories

The legal system is complicated, so it's not a wonder why law firms might have to deal with more questions than most firms and businesses.

Law firms also tend to handle several cases from a few practice areas, so stuffing them all into one page might get messy or long.

To remedy this, you can section off your FAQs into different categories: include general law firm FAQs, Personal Injury, Labor Laws, Business Litigation, and so on. You can even make a separate FAQ page for every practice area if you have to.

Remember: Your FAQ pages should be regularly updated, too. As your law firm grows and legal practices evolve, things are bound to change. With that change comes new problems, solutions, and inquiries, so don't forget to update your FAQs whenever this happens.

3. Optimize For Keywords

Your FAQ pages can benefit from ranking high on the search results, so do keyword research and optimize it for search engines. Don't forget your site structure, headings, links, alt texts, and so on.

As some Voice Search queries are in the form of questions, this would be relatively easy to optimize. If you made separate landing pages for each practice area, you should optimize them for different main keywords.

Remember: Keywords are how your law firm is found in the searches, so don't forget to be conscious of them when you're writing.

4. Include Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

CTAs encourage users to perform or do a certain action, whether to sign up for newsletters, get on your email lists, send you an inquiry, or set up a first appointment.

Remember: Inviting your site visitors to take action is what boosts conversions.

Many of your site visitors may not be ready to interact with your firm, so a little push can go a long way. Even if they're not ready to hire you for legal assistance, you can stay in touch with them via subscriptions and email updates.

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5. Link Previous Content

Sometimes, people just couldn't find the right article or blog posts. It's fine if the questions only require 4-6 sentence answers, but any more than that for every question can clutter your FAQ page. Before you know it, you're seeing giant walls of text because of how much you need to explain.

Instead of responding to more nuanced questions directly from your FAQ page, write the most concise answer you can manage, then link articles and blog posts for anyone who wants a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

This allows you to not only avoid the walls of text and clutter on your FAQ pages, but also encourages people to click to your previous content. You can also send them to your landing pages to boost conversions on your website.

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