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What Is A Landing Page?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Learn About Landing Pages And Why You Need Them For Law Firm SEO

A landing page is a page on your website that focuses on conversions. Unlike your homepage, legal blog, and About Us page, landing pages are filled with Calls To Action (CTAs) to convince users to do a specific action—like subscribe to a newsletter, email list, updates, and sign up for an online lawyer consultation.

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Your website isn't just a stationary calling card. For your law firm to generate leads, your website and its contents should convince users to take action. That action can either be gaining access to your other content or taking the final steps to hire your law firm.

What Can You Put In Your Landing Pages?

Your landing pages are there for conversions—which by basic definition, means getting users to take action through CTAs. Businesses can feature anything from exclusive community memberships to free eBook downloads.

Here are a few most law firms employ:

1. Email Subscriptions

Email subscriptions are an excellent content marketing method. You can send subscribers more exhaustive and exclusive content to keep their attention on your law firm or your content.

Remember: If you've convinced site visitors to subscribe to your email newsletters, that only means they're interested enough in your content to want to read more of it.

Use CTAs in your blog entries to encourage readers to subscribe. This CTA can direct them to a separate landing page to enter their information to be added to your email list.

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2. Sign-ups For Exclusive Content

If you don't want to take the newsletter or email subscription route, you can also offer exclusive content through user registration. For example, you can offer restricted articles, book reviews, and analytic pieces that a more interesting audience might enjoy.

Remember: Users who sign up for this exclusive content are looking for more than what you publicly offer, so make sure the sign-ups are worth it and not just a copy of your legal blog.

3. Free Legal Consultations And Case Reviews

Think of free legal consultations and case reviews like free demos of a product. Direct users to a page where they may sign up for a free review of their possible legal case by providing their name, email address, and any other information they think is required.

These online case reviews are no different than what happens when a potential client comes to your office for an initial look at their possible case.

Remember: People like free trials because they want some perspective on what a product or service will be like. A good experience with it can be the final factor that convinces them to hire you for your services.

If you have an online chat service (for FAQs and consultations alike), you can also create a landing page for that.

Why Your Landing Pages Are Important

1. Boost Conversions

Your homepage, About Us, and contact information are just pages to display who you are and what you do, but they don't actively encourage people to read your content or have their case files reviewed.

While it's okay to add CTAs to your blog posts and articles, landing pages are where users are directly offered to take action. These conversions are what you want out of your content marketing efforts. Traffic is good for your Lawyer SEO, but conversions are what gets your law firm clients.

When you know a steady stream of targeted traffic is coming to your website, you can use a more targeted landing page to boost the chances of that visitors converting into leads.

For Example:

You can link a different landing page based on the area of law discussed in the content users are reading from.

2. Test Marketing Strategies
You can use landing pages to test out new site designs, track conversions, and analyze user data.

Because it's just a page out of your entire website, it's a great place to experiment with site designs to see which works best with your target audience. Moreover, testing on a new landing page is generally less risky than making significant design changes to your entire blog or site structure.

You can also use data from log-ins and sign-ups to track how many conversions you've had at a given time. If you're trying out social media marketing, link a landing page from your social media posts to see how many conversions you're getting.

These tests offer more context to how your site is doing with audiences and not just general traffic and bounce rate stats.

3. Learn About Your Target Market

You can track which topics, content, and marketing strategies lead to more conversions by setting up several landing pages. This can provide you with helpful information about your audience's preferences.

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When you direct people to your landing page, you can ask them to give you their basic information. You may use the information to develop a more focused and personalized marketing plan. Furthermore, landing pages reveal which material your audience prefers and which mediums and platforms they favor.

Remember: Knowing who your target market is and what they like lets you know which content to produce, which marketing method works, and which of both you should change or overhaul.

Why Let LawyerLeadMachine Help You

Lawyer SEO is more than just getting site traffic. You want people coming to your site to become future clients, so you should encourage them to take action.

If you're new or too busy to implement SEO strategies, LawyerLeadMachine can offer you some assistance. Whether it's content production, automation, or local SEO, you have options to work with us here.

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