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4 Ways To Generate Personal Injury Leads

Get More Personal Injury Cases For Your Law Firm

People need lawyers for different reasons. Some of them might need an attorney for cases your law firm isn't too experienced with. Any traffic is good for your website, but you also want that traffic to come from people who are most likely to hire you. So, how do you make sure you're targeting users who specifically need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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1. Use The Right Keywords

Keywords are search terms you want to be found for. Different keywords can also have related variations that pertain to the same thing.

When you do your keyword research, you should plan out keywords for each area of law your firm tackles. For example, you should have planned keywords specifically for Personal Injury claims and use them to optimize your pages and blog posts.

For Example:

There are several keywords related to Personal Injury, such as:

  • Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Personal Injury Attorney

  • Personal Injury Damages

  • Car Accident Lawyer

  • Medical Malpractice Attorney

  • Los Angeles Bus Crash Attorney

  • Personal Injury Law Firm

  • Lawyer For Accidents

Consider each of the keywords' search volumes and put them in a list. You can then use them to optimize landing pages, improve Lawyer SEO, and incorporate them into your legal blog.

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2. Create Content For Personal Injury Law

You can start with your legal blog. You can use your blog for content marketing by producing informative legal material that can be valuable to users looking for them through search engines.

Remember: When people look up law-related keywords on search engines, they have problems they want to solve. That problem can usually be solved by getting information about it or acquiring products and services to address it.

Legal content (i.e., guides, how-tos, infographics, etc.) attracts users who might need them. Instead of advertising your law firm or blog, users find your blog posts as relevant search results.

So, to attract desired clients, you should start writing blogs and making content related to Personal Injury claims. Tackle its basics, split them into sections, and answer FAQs.

Here's an example of things you can discuss in your Personal Injury Law guide:

  • What is Personal Injury?

  • What is the evidence used to prove Personal Injury Claims?

  • What are the damages I can collect?

  • What is the statute of limitations?

You can also start writing content related to specific incidents, like car crashes, bus accidents, plane accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, etc. That way, you maximize your reach by catering to people using more specific keywords for accidents and negligence claims.

3. Get Referred

Some people don't know where to begin looking for an attorney, so they ask others to refer them. Most times, people will ask friends and family about their experience with a law firm. So make sure you're clients are all getting positive experiences working with you.

Remember: Users can look up reviews to see how your law firm did with past clients. So even if you don't get referred by someone, clients can still voice their opinions on how you worked as their lawyer.

There are also online lawyer referral services that recommend attorneys that can work with you. Since these referrals keep your lawyer profile, they can connect you specifically to people who have Personal Injury cases.

4. Lawyer Directories

You can list your law firm in online lawyer directories. There are paid and unpaid options, all of which will have varying domain authorities, relevance, and average traffic.

Expanding your internet presence through backlinks from other sites can boost traffic. Furthermore, audiences that may not have found you through search engine results can find you in lawyer directories.

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Along with your backlinks and contact information, directories might also add categories and your preferred areas of law. Some directories might even exclusively feature Personal Injury Law Firms.

Remember: Just make sure you're getting listed on trusted sites. Backlinks from spam-ridden pages can negatively affect your Lawyer SEO rankings.

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