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How To Get More Pennsylvania Law Firm Reviews

Boosting Pennsylvania Law Firm Marketing By Managing Your Reviews

Reviews are a great form of social proof.When people want to try a new restaurant or order from a new brand, they will first look up reviews. The same applies to law firms in Pennsylvania.

Reviews essentially let prospective clients know who you are, what you do, and how you treat other clients. Let's look at why you need law firm reviews and how you can get more of them.

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Why Your Pennsylvania Law Firms Need More Reviews

Online client reviews can significantly affect your law firm marketing in Pennsylvania. If you have great reviews, prospective clients are more willing to hire or contract your law firm.

Unlike client testimonials, you have less control over your reviews. Third-party sites like Yelp and Google Reviews provide an unbiased space for product, company, and service reviews. Unfortunately, even when you're a registered Google My Business user, there's no way for you to delete negative reviews from your listing.

Aside from the risks of getting one or two negative reviews, having too few ratings isn't great for your Pennsylvania law firm, either. Reviews denote an estimate of the number of clients. If you have little to no reviews, it's going to look like no one comes to your law firm.

Besides, if you manage and run your Pennsylvania law firm correctly, you should get a few satisfied clients. Additionally, if you do it right, the positive reviews will eventually outweigh the negative ones. Hence, getting more of them is crucial by encouraging your clients to write you one.

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How To Get More Reviews For Pennsylvania Law Firm Marketing

Leaving reviews is at the discretion of the client. You can't force people to leave you reviews, so asking or encouraging them is the best way.

When encouraging reviews, you have a few options:

1. Directly Ask Clients

You can ask or prompt them to write reviews on your last few meetings (preferably after a successful case). Sometimes, people just need to be reminded or shown how to do it. This is especially important if you need more reviews on specific review platforms.

Remember: You don't want to annoy clients by being too insistent. Instead, go with quick reminders right before your meeting starts or ends.

2. Add Links And CTAs On Your Website

Adding links to your website has two pros: reminding previous clients to write reviews and showing your social proof to potential clients.

As mentioned, leaving a quick reminder goes a long way. Some people don't really think about leaving reviews, but they will spare you some time and write something down with the right encouragement.

Use effective Calls To Action (CTAs) to draw attention and encourage people to perform the desired action. Simple words like "Tell us what you think!" and "Like our services? Give us a review!" can go a long way. You can also make your CTAs stand out by using colorful buttons and eye-catching images.

Some websites will even use pop-ups, and they can prompt people without being too intrusive. However, remember that when you use pop-ups, you must ensure it isn't disruptive. Make it so people can click off when they want to and that the pop-up doesn't cause your site to bug out or slow down.

3. Ask Them Via Email

Email lists are a great way to keep in contact with customers and prospects even after they've left your website. Additionally, your subscribers should be interested enough in your brand or online content to have subscribed to your email updates.

Simply add CTAs, buttons, and links, prompting them the leave you reviews. It will get some attention if you phrase and design your CTAs correctly.

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