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Why Go Digital For Law Firm Marketing

4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than Offline Strategies

While we should never dismiss a good offline marketing strategy, digital marketing is becoming more and more important in recent years. This becomes clear during the global pandemic, where businesses (including legal services) had no choice but to overhaul entire marketing plans. In this post, we'll talk about why this continues—and will continue—to be true in the post-pandemic law firm marketing world.

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1. Digital Campaigns Tend To Have Larger Audiences

More often than not, small firms struggle to compete with more established law firms. Lawyers and firms that already have excellent track records and industry authority behind them tend to overshadow newer competitors. More popular and established law firms get word-of-mouth referrals and, in turn, get sought out more. Yellow page directories, flyers, and newspaper ads can only do so much to boost a small law firm in the public's eyes.

Small and new law firms benefit from digital marketing because it allows them to reach more people. Marketers have online access to millions of people in the United States and around the world. It is also far easier and less expensive to contact these people online than to market offline.

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Marketers can use Lawyer SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and other strategies to maintain online visibility. In addition, marketers and SEO practitioners can use keyword optimization, link building, and other tactics to help firms achieve first-page search engine rankings. This increases their traffic and their exposure to potential new clients.

2. It Is Easier To Inform Your Audience About Your Practice

Here's the thing: not everyone thinks they'll ever need a lawyer. Sometimes, people don't know they even have a case to begin with. Others feel intimidated by the prospect of going through litigation. To remove any doubts and stigma regarding legal services, you can always educate potential clients about it.

You can't do a lot of that in offline directories, flyers, and billboards. However, unlike those offline options, digital marketing allows you to post blogs with no character limit and add photos and interactive widgets without much effort or cost. This means that digital marketing, on top of a larger potential audience, is also a cost-effective way to marketing your law firm.

Remember: Legal blogs can essentially be run by one or two dedicated people, so you don't have to go through the effort to print out brochures and other offline educational materials.

Online marketing makes information about legal matters and general law-related content more broadly available. For example, small firms can use their websites to display images, descriptions, and how-tos for potential clients.

3. Allows You To Provide Fast And Easy Customer Service

Another significant benefit of digital marketing is the increased ability to communicate with potential clients.

Law firms can now interact and respond to clients almost immediately after they're contacted. They can also employ landing pages to collect client information, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. From these landing pages, SEO practitioners can use CTAs to encourage users to sign up for newsletters and email lists. These subscriptions extend a law firm's contact with a user even after they've left the website.

That said, law firms can keep in touch with customers by sending out emails regularly. Fortunately, emails can also be automated using specific software or through email marketing services. With traditional marketing tactics, this form of communication would be significantly more expensive.

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4. Easier Auditing

To expand their client base, law firms can employ a variety of online tracking and auditing tools. This type of software enables all types of businesses (including law firms) to identify critical data, such as:

  • Where traffic is coming from

  • Which pages are getting the most attention

  • Which pages have the highest conversion rates

  • How pages are performing in comparison with competitors

  • Which pages need to be refreshed and reoptimized

  • Which keywords are performing well

Practitioners can therefore devote more time and expenses to strategies and platforms that get them the most ROI. If your current Lawyer Marketing strategies aren't working, then doing audits can help you identify which aspects you're lacking, which can be improved, and which need some serious overhauls.

LawyerLeadMachine Can Help Boost Digital Lawyer Marketing

When you invest some time in digital strategies like Lawyer SEO and content marketing, you can improve traffic on your domain, get your law firm's name out there, and find more clients.

If you're a small firm or just getting started on a new website, we have some Lawyer SEO Guides to help you out. However, if you want experts to handle Lawyer Marketing for you, review your options here.


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