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GMB For Law Firms: How To Use Google My Business Event Posts

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

A Quick Law Firm Marketing Guide For GMB Events

Google My Business posts are similar to ones on your social media feed. You can post and manage it through your law firm's account, allowing you to post promotions, updates, and announcements directly from their GMB account.

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There are several types of GMB posts, including:

  1. What's New: Announcements and general information could be included. For example, it might be about your law firm's physical location or adjustments to your digital marketing approach (i.e., website changes, new social media profiles, etc.)

  2. Events: This is where live or online events, such as symposiums, classes, and speeches, are announced. You can also enter the schedule's details, such as the date, time, and start and end times.

  3. Offers: Announce limited-time specials, coupons, or anything else that is only available for a limited period (and again, with a start and end date and time). This might apply to books as well as other things.

  4. Products: This displays the product tab, which must be configured independently.

Like social media posts, you need to make sure you're incorporating law firm marketing and Lawyer SEO optimizations. Use keywords, incorporate CTAs, and check for spelling and grammar errors.

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What Are Event Posts On GMB?

As you can see, event posts are a way to announce any events your law firm might facilitate or attend. Since Google My Business listings can be seen by anyone looking up law firms in their area, adding your event announcement to your GMB adds exposure, making sure they reach as many people as possible.

Remember: Of course, you should still promote your events on your website and your social media. The more people see it, the better it is for your upcoming event.

What's great about GMB events is that you could important details about the event, such as time and location.

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Events are a great opportunity to get your law firm's name out there. That said, you also need to make sure people go or attend.

Since a lot of people are using Google, there's great chance clients and potential clients might come across your event announcements. So, update your GMB whenever you can!

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