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What Is A "Call To Action" In Lawyer SEO?

A Guide To CTAs And How They Apply To Lawyer Marketing

If you've been reading up on Lawyer SEO before, you might have come across the acronym "CTA." It is so often mentioned when talking about generating leads and client conversions. That said, here's a quick guide on Calls To Action (CTAs), what they are, where you use them, and how they help your law firm marketing.

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The simplest definition of CTAs is that they're prompts that encourage clients to perform a certain action. Examples of these actions are the following:

  • Subscribing to your email list

  • Read a related blog

  • Contacting your law firm

  • Hiring an attorney

The most common examples of CTAs are the ones incorporated in blog posts. Sometimes you'll see hyperlinked text that says "Consult with our Attorneys now!" or "Give us a call (phone number) for inquiries."

That said, CTAs aren't just text in a blog post. They could sometimes be in the form of a hyperlinked image, a button, a pop-up, or a closing line on a video blog. Here's an example of a hyperlinked image LawyerLeadMachine uses as a CTA:

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As long as it's prompting a site visitor, social media follower, or video viewer to do something, it can be considered a Call to Action.

Remember: While it seems like a single sentence can't do much to boost your conversions, marketers use CTAs all the time for a reason.

Instead of just giving your blog readers content to read, you give them encouraging instructions to explore your website. You tell them you have more similar content to offer and give readers links to them for easy access.

What Are the Best Places To Use A Call to Action?

A CTA should be included whenever you want your clients to do something. The idea is the same whether it's presented as a colorful, clickable button or in an attention-getting headline. Rather than providing information and trusting that your visitors would figure out what to do next, you should tell them precisely what steps to take.

For Example:

Instead of just giving your site visitors information about employment laws, offer them a solution for their possible workplace problems.

Think about it this way: people wanted to know about wrongful termination. They read your blog, discover that they might have grounds to file claims, but what now? After knowing what Wrongful Termination is, what's the next step?

People looking up information about Wrongful Termination likely have issues related to the topic, so you suggest that they consult with a Wrongful Termination Lawyer through your firm.

As mentioned before, it doesn't have to be just on your blogs. For example, when you create video content on YouTube, you ask people to subscribe to your channel. Likewise, when you send them a newsletter, you ask them to go to your blog and review their options for hiring an attorney.

That said, you can incorporate a CTA in almost every element of your digital marketing and Lawyer SEO strategy. So, if you're of ideas, start by adding a call to action to your:

These are just the most common places you would see companies (and other law firms) use CTAs. If you haven't been using them and are looking to start incorporating them into your Lawyer SEO, the ones listed above are great places to start.

However, there are also other places you might want to include CTAs in. Such as:

  • Blog subheadings and headlines

  • As hyperlinks in your copy

  • Sidebars and pop-ups

  • At the end of a blog post

  • Google's title tags

  • Meta descriptions

  • Emails

You'll find opportunities for CTAs everywhere once you get into the habit of using them. Adding social network sharing buttons to emails and blog posts, for example, can significantly impact results.

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CTAs are one of the most essential Lawyer SEO elements you need to learn when starting out. A simple "Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer to help you build a strong Personal Injury Case" can give a hesitant prospect the final push to pick up that phone or open their emails.

Calls to Action can be as simple as "Read More" and "Call Our Attorneys Now," and they can still make a difference.

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