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How Often Should You Post On Your Ohio Law Firm Blog?

How Frequently Should You Be Posting Blog Content For Ohio Lawyer Marketing?

Legal blogging has several law firm marketing purposes: law firm content marketing, Ohio law firm SEO, and audience building. Essentially, the more you post, the more you increase your legal marketing ROI.

Your blog posts must also be high-quality to market your Ohio law firm effectively. This means you can't just post whatever you want with little to no effort. Instead, you'll have to research, write, edit, optimize, and proofread every blog post to ensure their Ohio law firm marketing success.

Building a dedicated following could be more difficult if you plan too few updates. On the other hand, if you want to write excessively, you risk feeling overworked, hurried, worried, and eventually burned out.

So, how often do you have to post? Is there a definitive number for law firms specifically?

Let's look at the factors that could affect your optimal posting frequencies:

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How Often Should You Post On Your Ohio Law Firm Blog?

When you launch a new blog, you can lack experience, which means that things take much longer to study and put together. A tight publishing schedule might be unattainable.

The optimal posting frequency varies based on your niche, location, target market, and content. However, several elements come together to form the solution:

1. The Time And Effort Required To Produce The Optimal Law Firm Blog Post

Each post might require significant time and work, even for seasoned bloggers. Think about all the activities needed to write a legal blog article, including research, outlining, writing, Lawyer SEO keyword implementation, editing, and proofreading. It probably takes a lot of time to plan, research, write, and edit long-form blog pieces.

Again, you want to avoid rushing your content. So, be reasonable about your deadlines. If you don't have a legal content writer or a second blogger to post more content, you should aim for consistency instead of volume. After all, 3 high-quality blog posts will generate more law firm leads in Ohio than 20 thin, underresearched, and error-ridden content.

2. The Subject And Type Of Content You Want To Produce

If you're aiming to produce long, highly-detailed, and research-heavy content, you need to acknowledge that you need more time to ensure you create a quality post. You don't want to rush content requiring more in-depth discussions, especially complex legal concepts.

Additionally, you might also want to post other content mediums like infographics, whitepapers, social media posts, and eBooks. For example, if you need images, graphs, and statistics on your blog post, you might have to set a different turnaround time for those.

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3. The Purpose Of Blog Posts

Each blog post should have a purpose. Each blog post should do at least one of the following:

  • Delivering legal news (i.e., new laws, policies, bills, etc.)

  • Answer questions about the law (i.e., explaining how the law works)

  • Offer solutions to an Ohio resident's problems (i.e., how-tos, suggesting strategic steps, legal tips, etc.)

  • Promote your Ohio law firm

  • Promote your law firm's events

  • Make content for trending/seasonal topics

  • Lead generation strategies (i.e., promote social media, redirect attention to newsletters, link landing pages, etc.)

Delivering news and trending legal topics may require more priority over others at certain times. The Lawyer SEO aspect of trending topics and news is that interest spikes for a time but could go down or fluctuate as time goes on. Therefore, you might have to post about these issues more promptly than regular informative legal blogs.

Remember: Every blog post should be an instrument of Ohio law firm lead generation. Informative blog posts can be enough to engage users and convince them to stick around, so don't forget to use keywords, CTAs, and links throughout every single blog post.

4. Your Target Market's Expectations

There are some blogs whose readers anticipate frequent content updates. Blogs about politics, technology, and news are some examples. However, weekly updates could be considered more acceptable for some content, such as general long-form legal content, FAQs, or guides.

So, if you're writing about legal news in Ohio and the US, you should aim for more frequent postings.

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Is There A Definitive Number Of Blog Posts You Should Be Posting?

As frustrating as this sounds, your posting frequency should highly depend on your Ohio law firm's goals and content plan. However, the priority should always be quality over quantity.

If it takes you a couple of days to finish a high-quality blog post, you should stick with it. But, instead of obsessing over the content volume, aim for consistency. So, ensure you plan out your content calendar, so you're able to produce high-quality content regularly, so you don't get burnt out or abandon your legal blog for a long time.

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