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How To Boost GMB Lead Generation For Pennsylvania Law Firms

Boosting And Optimizing Google My Business For Lawyers

Google My Business for lawyers is an excellent addition to local law firm SEO strategy. Since most of your potential clients will come from Pennsylvania, ensuring you have visibility in the local SERPs is crucial.

Setting up and optimizing your GMB profile is one of the easiest ways. That said, you can get more ROI from your GMB strategy if you optimize your listings. The better they're set up and managed, the more effective it is in law firm lead generation.

Here are a few ways to optimize your GMB strategy:

gmb for law firms Pennsylvania

Tip #1: Include Lawyer SEO Keywords In Your Descriptions

You should preferably include a primary keyword in an effective GMB description to assist your website rank. Include pertinent keywords in the 750 characters you have to describe your firm in your Google My Business listing.

This is not to say that you should stuff your content with as many keywords as possible. Much like how you do other Lawyer SEO content, your description should be helpful to readers, and you should employ keywords naturally.

Tip #2: Add Photos To Engage Users

Images are one of the first things people look for in GMB listings. For example, they will use photos to help them navigate to your law firm or get a first look at what your office might look like.

Not to mention, photos on your GMB profile might be people's first impressions of you. So, you want to ensure you have enough (high-quality ones) to boost that first impression.

Additionally, photos just make your GMB listing complete. It's a piece of social proof that could increase trust in your law firm. Having images up assures people that you're not just a listing but an actual law firm operating from day to day. Images as social proof is also great advice to live by when implementing general Pennsylvania Lawyer SEO.

pennsylvania gmb marketing

Tip #3: Update Your NAPs, So They're Consistent Across All Online Profiles

You should update your Pennsylvania law firm information in other local directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog, or Yahoo Local while optimizing your Google My Business page.

Why is this important? Any local directory with information about your law firm may refer new clients. So, all pertinent information, including address, business hours, and contact details, should be current.

You don't want people to find a different contact number or email address whenever they come across you on other platforms. This only causes confusion on their end, reducing your GMB strategy's law firm lead generation potential.

Tip #4: Regularly Check And Audit Your Google My Business Settings

Some aspects of your law firm operations might change. For example, you might need to change your office hours, emails, communications, locations, etc. During the pandemic, many lawyers migrated over to Zoom and had to close their law firms.

You want to ensure these changes are reflected on your Pennsylvania GMB page. For example, you don't want potential clients to come on a closed day because you forgot to update your operating hours. Likewise, you want to ensure you updated your address if you moved offices.

So, it's up to you or your law firm marketing agency to manage, update, and maintain your GMB profile information.

Tip #5: Always Input Localized Pennsylvania Law Firm Information

Make sure your phone number is listed with a local area code, and limit the places included in your GMB service area to those where you conduct your legal practice.

Remember, most of your clients are going to come from your state. Therefore, you should have local contact numbers and localized Google posts. If you run a law firm in a different state, it's better to have 2 separate pages for each branch or office.

pennsylvania google my business

Content Marketing In Lawyer SEO in Pennsylvania!

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Consult with our Lawyer SEO experts to get you started on Lawyer SEO.

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