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How To Improve Loading Speed On Your Law Firm's Website

Updated: May 11, 2022

Optimizing Site Speed To Boost Lawyer SEO

Anything that takes too long turns people off. It applies to many things—whether that's waiting in line to buy something, waiting for your package to arrive, or getting the information you need on the internet. That said, the slower your site speed, the more people get frustrated with your website.

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If they haven't left-right after seeing how long it takes to load your homepage, they'll leave your website with a bad experience. Inasmuch as making your site look aesthetically attractive and professional is pleasant to visitors, fast loading speeds make it easier for them to navigate your site, find similar content they like, and explore other pages.

Remember: The longer people stick around to explore your law firm's website, the better it is for Lawyer SEO. This is not only because lower bounce rates are a ranking factor, but getting people to stay and explore gives you more chance to provide them with something they like, use CTAs, and possibly get more conversions.

With that in mind, let's look at 5 easy ways to improve your site loading speed:

1. Reduce Image Size

One of the main culprits of slow loading speeds is the use of images. Even if you're using just 4 to 5 images on a single page, it will still affect loading speeds if all of them have huge file sizes. This can be especially detrimental to mobile users and slower internet connections.

However, that doesn't mean you can't use as many images as possible. After all, images help you visualize your points and grab the reader's attention. You need to compress and optimize images, so they don't take as long to load.

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Additionally, you might also want to consider the image format, and two of them are great (and most commonly used) for faster loading speeds:

  1. JPEGs are recommended since they are 80 percent smaller and have nearly the same quality as TIFF images.

  2. Use PNG if your image requires a transparent background. Icons and logos should be saved as PNG files.

2. Reduce The Number Of Videos

Embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo, as well as background videos, can take longer to load. This can be incredibly frustrating for mobile users. Therefore, it's ideal to keep the number of videos on a single page to a minimum.

Instead of embedding every relevant video, you can add links to text, buttons, and images. If you want a video library, you can have them on a separate page or gallery, organized by category, and accessed via links from your blog.

If you can't help but use videos on your page, make sure to turn off autoplay.

3. Be Careful With Animations

Animated logos, transitions, and image sliders can boost the look and feel of your site. They can make your pages look smooth and professional. However, they do take some time to load compared to standard image files.

That said, you should be using them wisely. For example, you shouldn't put them all on one page, nor should you use anything that's causing your pages and navigation to bug out.

4. Avoid Custom Fonts

If you use a font that isn't installed on your visitor's device, you'll have to download it first. The text will take some time to load.

Remember: In slower connections, the fonts will sometimes fail to load, making your content and landing pages inaccessible. When optimizing your website, you should always consider every user who visits it—including desktop and mobile users, those with slow connections, and those with visual impairments.

Custom fonts are excellent for headlines and titles but don't use them everywhere. You should also consider what the font looks like, whether it's understandable, and whether it helps your Lawyer SEO in any way.

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5. Enable Cache

Caching is used by a lot of websites. When you employ caching, the server builds static HTML versions of your webpages and displays them to users instead of producing them from scratch every time a page is requested.

This speeds up the process use fewer server resources and provide a better user experience. In addition, the caching technique is smart enough to recognize when a page has changed and when it doesn't, ensuring that the entire website experience remains consistent.

How LawyerLeadMachine Helps Law Firms

Lawyer SEO can boost site traffic, reduce loading speeds, increase conversions, and expand your client base. Knowing the basics can help you better optimize for great ROI.

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