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How To Optimize Your Ohio Law Firm Blog For Search Engines

Tips On Boosting Your Ohio Legal Blog Posts For Better Law Firm Marketing ROI

Legal blogging is an excellent law firm content marketing strategy. Each post published is a chance to rank in the SERPs, attract new audiences, and convert potential law firm clients for your Ohio legal firm.

That said, legal blogging as a law firm marketing strategy is more than just writing good content. After all, you'll need people to see and consume the content you're creating for them to effectively attract new clients.

Here are simple yet effective ways to make sure you're blogs are indexed and rank high in the SERPs:

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Step #1: Do Your Keyword Research

Researching keywords is crucial for search engine optimization for lawyers. Remember, keywords dictate where you'll show up in the SERPs.

So, you want your pages to reach the right audiences, appear in relevant searches, and inform you about your competition. Pay attention to your keywords' relevance, search volumes, and user intent.

Remember: You should also regularly update keywords when necessary. Search volumes can change over time, so keep them as optimized as possible.

The best way to conduct keyword research is through keyword tools. Fortunately, there are a lot of free tools like Google Ads' Keyword Planner to help Ohio Lawyer SEO newbies get started.

Step #2: Implement Your Lawyer SEO Keywords

Once you've chosen a few worthwhile and pertinent keywords to target, it's critical to position them such that both readers and search engine crawlers will see them.

Incorporate them into the following areas:

  • Title/Headline

  • The body of the text, preferably close to the beginning

  • Anchor texts

  • Meta descriptions and heading tags

Avoid keyword stuffing, which involves using so many terms in your material that it is difficult to read. This will aggravate the readers of your blog and get you in trouble with Google. Instead, the right combination of keywords will do the trick.

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Step #3: Optimize Your Images

Images have severe purposes. They add something interesting to what's otherwise a wall of text. They can also help as visual aids to illustrate your point.

That said, you can optimize them, so they benefit your Lawyer SEO in Ohio. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Add keywords to the file name of each image you post to your blog

  • Fill out the alt text section with a succinct, keyword-rich description of the image

  • Compress images, so they don't take too long to load

Step #4: Cite Your Sources By Linking Them

Include a link to the content (i.e., blog post, article, research papers, etc.) you cite. This ensures credibility to the information on your blog.

You can also link to other blog posts you've previously published. For example, if you mention "Car Accident Claims" or other keywords in a new personal injury post, link an older blog post relevant to the anchor text. This benefits older blogs SEO-wise and allows them to reach more audiences.

Step #4: Give Readers The Option To Follow Or Subscribe To Your Legal Blog

When possible, prominently display an RSS or Feed Subscription Button and provide users with the option to subscribe to your legal blog postings through email.

This enables your legal blog readers to be immediately informed of your most recent postings without frequently checking your website for new content.

Step #5: Promote Your Ohio Law Firm Content On Social Media

You might use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms to engage with past and potential clients. So why not use these websites to promote your blog's content for additional online exposure?

With just a few clicks, you can quickly post links to the most recent blog post on your social media platforms using free tools. Not to mention, posting times can be scheduled, so you don't have to worry about being on your phone all day.

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