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You Should Be Implementing Long-Tail Keywords for Law Firms

The Lawyer SEO Benefits And Implementations Of Long-Tail Keywords

Lawyer SEO heavily benefits from the use of long-tail keywords. Unfortunately, most newbie law firm SEO practitioners often only go for high-volume keywords, which isn't necessarily a strategic decision.

Long-tail keywords aren't always immediately attractive. They don't have as much search volume as general or head keywords. However, they're often used by both established and new websites a lot because of how much they can improve Lawyer SEO.

So, let's talk about long-tail keywords, how they work, and how you optimize for them.

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What Advantages Do Long Tail Keywords Offer To Lawyer SEO?

These are the primary advantages of using long-tail keywords in your content marketing initiatives, in summary:

Long-tail keywords correspond to user intent.

Everyone isn't going to use the same lawyer SEO keywords. Head keywords tend to be more general and high-volume but don't always address a user's specific need or problem.

For example, a user might just need to know the statute of limitations for car accident claims, not an entire 1000-word article about personal injury claims in their state. Similarly, someone might need a lawyer closest to where they live, so they'll use more specific lawyer SEO keywords to narrow the search within their city.

Compared to short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords are less competitive.

In other words, long-tail keywords are much easier to rank for. In addition, since there's less competition, you'll have better chances of climbing up the SERP rankings.

Of course, this doesn't mean you should never try to rank for high-volume SEO keywords for lawyers. However, long-tail keywords could be a great place to start for newbie Lawyer SEO practitioners.

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The conversion rates for long-tail keywords are higher.

Again, long-tail keywords are more specific and can better address user intent. In most cases, people who narrow their searches probably already know something about the law, the legal practice, or specific legal services.

For example, people using "personal injury lawyer free consultation california" are more likely to convert than those who might only be looking up general guides.

Delivering the most relevant content at this stage of the user journey would boost the chances of conversions.

Works well with the implementation of local SEO for law firms.

Remember, there's not as much search volume in long-tail keywords for lawyers, but it works in favor of law firms. After all, potential clients are going to have very specific needs. For example, they will need a lawyer experienced within a particular area of law from a specific state or city.

Local SEO for lawyers is a great way to target these clients, as state laws will require them to find someone who knows the policies and jurisdictions. Hence, law firms aim to expand their visibility in these local searches.

This makes local SEO keywords (often long-tail) one of the best for attorneys to start with.

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3 Easy Tips On Using Long-Tail Keywords For Law Firm Websites

So, you now know how long-tail lawyer SEO keywords work. Let's look at the best way they can be used on your law firm website:

  • Target areas of law. Is your law firm looking for more personal injury clients? Do you need employment law clients as well? Then you can use specific keywords for each area of law, allowing you to attract traffic to two different landing pages and keywords.

  • Use it for local SEO implementation. As mentioned, local SEO keywords are often long-tail. They improve your local SEO for law firms by boosting visibility in the local SERPs.

  • Rank high for multiple keywords. The biggest downside of general keywords is how competitive the SERPs are. If you're a small law firm, a new one, or just started building their website, your chances of getting on the first page for high-volume searches are low.

    • Ranking high in multiple, less competitive long-tail keywords is better than getting buried in competitive SERPs.

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