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5 Different Keywords For Lawyer SEO

Updated: May 19, 2022

The Types Of Keywords In SEO For Your Law Firm Website And How To Choose The Best Keywords For Law Firms.

When you're new at keyword research, you sometimes end up looking at the search volume instead of considering how your keywords would be found. Just because a keyword does not have the highest search volume among millions of others, does not mean they don't have a specific function in your Lawyer SEO.

Let's look at different types of legal keywords of varying search volumes and why you need them on your law firm website.

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1. Short-tail (High-Volume) Keywords

Short-tail keywords are also known as head keywords or generic keywords. After all, they usually cover broad search terms that receive a lot of traffic. Moreover, because they are only one or two words long, many people tend to use them.

Why Use Them: Short-tail law firm keywords are highly competitive. Among other sorts of Law Firm SEO keywords, they are perhaps the most difficult to rank for. However, when you do manage to rank high, the traffic you'll get is worth the effort.

2. Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail law firm keywords have four or more words in them and are the most descriptive among keyword types. As a result, long-tail keywords often have lower search volumes and less competition than the first two types of keywords.

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Why Use Them: Just because these law firm keywords tend to have lower search volumes does not mean they're useless. Despite having fewer people using long-tail keywords, the reduced competition makes it easier for your pages to rank higher.

If you managed to get to the first page of the search results, then users are more likely to see and click to your pages, as opposed to being buried in the results in high-volume keywords.

3. Buyer Intent Keywords

Buyer intent keywords are used by users who are ready to use a service you provide. There are three different sorts of buyer keywords that represent a user's intent while searching for specific attorney keywords:

  • Informational. This type of keyword denotes a desire to understand or learn more about a specific issue. This is the stage of becoming aware of something.

    • Examples: "what is a personal injury lawyer", "what is wrongful termination", "what is retaliation", "what are personal injury damages", etc.

  • Navigational. When someone uses these attorney keywords for their searches, they are using a law firm's name to navigate to a page on their domain. This could also mean they're looking through several law firms and their websites to choose which one to hire.

    • Examples: "LawyerLeadMachine Pricing", "LawyerLeadMachine Log In", etc.

  • Transactional. This type of buyer term implies that potential consumers are ready to hire a lawyer. They've already read blogs and articles, know who to hire, and are looking for the landing pages to set up appointments or look up addresses.

    • Examples: "Hire personal injury lawyer", "divorce attorney appointment", "labor lawyer online consultation", etc.

Why Use Them: One of the most important things to remember is that searches have specific intents. They look up law firms and lawyers for different reasons, and catering to their needs gives them exactly what they need.

For example, a searcher using transactional keywords are likely to have already known everything they want from informative pages, so they don't need you to give them a legal guide. Instead, provide them with a submission form or your contact information.

4. Target Market And Audiences

For a more efficient Lawyer SEO, you should consider appealing to your target market. One way to do this is to use client-defining attorney keywords that associate your services to what's specific to them.

For Example:

If you're a Labor Law Attorney, you can use keywords like "lawyers for employees", "California lawyers for at-will workers", "Class action lawsuits for employees", etc.

Why Use Them: Clients want to look for someone that can give legal services according to their needs, so they add more specific information into their searches to find a law firm that best fits them. Hence, diversify your keywords to appeal to the people who are within your target market or audience.

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5. Local Law Firm SEO Keywords

Local SEO is crucial for law firms. Using geo-targeted keywords helps you be visible to users in your locale.

For Example:

You can use keywords like "los angeles personal injury attorney", "chicago labor lawyer", and "new york business lawyer".

Optimizing for these keywords also tells Google where you are, so the algorithm shows your pages in the results of "near me" and "in my area" searches.

Why Use Them: Since they live in the state you practice in, these searchers also happen to be the people who are most likely to hire your law firm.

Why Let LawyerLeadMachine Help Your Law Firm?

Lawyer SEO can improve traffic on your law firm website simply by implementing tactics that improve your rank in the searches. Using the best keywords for law firms is the first step.

If you're an SEO beginner or a busy firm, you can look through our basic Lawyer SEO Guides from our Lawyer SEO Agency. If you need more advanced assistance via Law Firm SEO services, you can review your options here.

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