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How To Improve Click-Through Rate For New Jersey Law Firm Websites

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

New Jersey Lawyer Marketing Tactics To Getting People On Your Law Firm Website

It's one thing to rank high in the SERPs; it's another to get people to actually click on your pages. If people are seeing your page or link but are not clicking on them, then they might see no need or benefit to reading your content or visiting your law firm landing pages.

Since traffic is crucial for New Jersey Lawyer SEO and lead generation, implementing tactics that get people clicking is necessary.

Let's look at a few actionable tips to help you with your click-through rate (CTR):

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1. Research Your Audience

Understanding your law firm marketing audience will improve your chances of raising your CTR. Understanding your audience entails being aware of their difficulties, requirements, history, and objectives.

When you use the language your target audience understands, your content and law firm marketing in New Jersey becomes a more effective lead generation tool.

2. Optimize Your CTAs

A Call To Action (CTA) is text or a graphic that implores the user to perform a particular action. Instead of waiting for your audience to figure out what they should do next, using a CTA as a prompt might spur them into action.

Here are some ideas for improving your CTA:

  • Make it clear

  • Keep it concise

  • Use action-related words

  • Emphasize necessity or benefits

You can experiment with various CTAs and monitor their effectiveness to determine which ones your audience responds to the most.

3. Conduct And Optimize Keyword Research

Using research tools to find the terms people use to search for things online is the best way to find keywords. This enables you to rank in high-volume searches and boost your New Jersey Law Firm's SERP visibility. In addition, by including keywords in your links, copy, adverts, and images, you can raise your CTR.

Targeting long-tail keywords is another strategy to improve your keyword performance and increase your CTR. Including long-tail keywords in your advertising, headings, title tags, meta descriptions, and images have several advantages. Long-tail keywords are very evocative, simple to target, and reflect target audiences' intent.

Not to mention, your law firm will likely target people in your locale. Therefore, using long-tail, specific, and local keywords should be part of your New Jersey Lawyer SEO.

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4. Improve Your URLs

Unfortunately, many law firm websites need to give their web pages' URL structures more thought. This is because online page URLs are one piece of data shown on search engine result pages.

Like titles, URLs describe to visitors what the page is about. Therefore, the likelihood that someone will click on your URL increases with its level of description.

Making your URL as brief as possible is another strategy to improve it. Your URL's chances of being seen and clicked increase with its length.

5. Optimize Your Meta Description

A meta description is a short paragraph between 155 and 160 characters describing a webpage's contents. They can be found alongside the URL on a search engine result page. By providing relevant keywords and other information in your meta description, you can enhance your CTR.

Although Google has insisted that meta descriptions are not considered when ranking websites, they are crucial for boosting click-through rates (CTR) on search engine result pages. This is because the people browsing through the SERPs can see your meta description and consider it a preview of what to expect on a page should they click on it.

The methods to improve your meta description's CTR are listed below:

  • Point out the possible legal problems and solutions your page features

  • Include the most critical information about the page in the meta description

  • Use calls to action to get people clicking

  • Keep them clear and concise

6. Compose Great Headlines

Only the best and highest quality content has a chance of getting viewed by users. After all, there's a lot of competition to get on the first page. Creating catchy headlines is one approach to making your pages stand out.

Here are some other pointers for writing clickable headlines:

  • Use expressive language

  • Don't make them too long

  • Use intriguing questions as headlines (i.e., "Can You Contest A Will In New Jersey?")

  • Employ "how-to" headlines (i.e., "How To File A Personal injury claim in New Jersey")

Remember, there's so much information that's easily accessible online. So, users often go by headlines when choosing which page in the SERPs to click on.

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