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How To Write Good Legal Blogs For New Jersey Law Firms

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Why You Need To Start Legal Blogging And How To Do It

If you've been reading up on the best ways to implement law firm marketing, you might have noticed that most Lawyer SEO experts advise you to start a legal blog. But why?

How good is it? How can you do it? First, let's look at why you should do it and how best to get started:

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Why Legal Blogging Is A Good Content Marketing Strategy

Before we discuss how you should go about legal blogging, let's first talk about why.

Basically, law firm content marketing involves creating high-quality content that attracts users who might find value in them. So instead of promoting your law firm to a bunch of people who may or may not need lawyers, you are fulfilling something your target audience might need.

For example, when people have questions about personal injury law in New Jersey, they will look for answers on Google Search. If you create content that answers the said questions, searchers will be inclined to read your blog, bringing your law firm to their attention.

Not only are you building trust and catering to your target audience's needs, but you are also bringing them to your website. If you catch their attention that way, you can convince them to stick around, explore your New Jersey law firm website, or lead them to your landing pages.

When well-written and well-optimized, legal blogs are a great way to implement law firm content marketing in New Jersey. They're one of the most accessible strategies, so you can do this independently with research and the right tools.

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4 Tips On Writing The Best Legal Blog In New Jersey

So, now that we've established how legal blogging can bring great ROI for your New Jersey Law Firm Marketing, here are a few essential tips to help you get started:

1. Do Keyword Research

People use keywords to conduct searches (search engines and social media included). Some keywords are more likely to be used in these searches than others, so you want to choose the ones you'll put in your titles, content, URLs, metadata, etc. Likewise, you should use the right hashtags and key terms on your social media posts.

You can find these through keyword tools. Aim for strategic keywords with high search volumes and relevance to your New Jersey law firm website and its content. If you're just starting out, Google Ads has a free Keyword Planner that gets the job done.

Remember, you won't benefit from legal blogging unless people find the content you post. So, consider your choice of keywords to ensure people find you on the internet.

2. Answer Your Target Audience's Questions

The best way to get people clicking is to create content that addresses the common concerns of your target audience. For example, if you're a divorce law firm in New Jersey, you should be covering topics about how to file for divorce, how long the divorce process takes, what alimony is, what factors are considered in child custody arrangements, etc.

You can use the SERPs and keyword tools to parse common questions your target audience might want to be answered.

3. Deliver High-Quality, Complete, And Digestible Legal Content

The goal here is to create content that's valuable to your audience. Here's how that can be done:

  • Deliver relevant information about the topic. Update outdated posts when necessary.

  • Ensure content is digestible to your non-lawyer audiences. Avoid legalese, niche terms, or unexplained legal concepts.

  • Pay attention to formatting for easy reading. For example, break up large walls of text into paragraphs, use bullet points and lists, add images for visual aids and engagements, and so on.

  • Add internal links and citations. Audiences can click on this if they want to read more or need further explanation about the highlighted text. Plus, it keeps people on your law firm website.

4. Optimize For Search Engines

As mentioned, your New Jersey legal blog will only work as a law firm content marketing strategy if people find them. Therefore, aside from keywords, you should also pay attention to New Jersey Lawyer SEO to ensure it appears high on the search engine results page. Ensure you optimize your site speed, design, keywords, landing pages, links, etc.

Not to mention, you should manage and monitor your New Jersey Law Firm SEO performance regularly so you know when you're doing well, staying stagnant, or falling off the rankings.

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