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New Jersey Law Firm Marketing Trends You Need In 2022

Boost Your Law Firm Marketing In New Jersey To Keep Up With The Trends

New trends that improve law firm content marketing are emerging as digital marketers discover new ways to engage their audience and convey their messages. Whether your New Jersey law firm is already well-established in the digital marketing space or it's a small law firm making its way up the SERPs, adapting to the changes in trends will benefit you.

Here are a few trends that have been proven effective for lead generation and lawyer SEO:

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2022 Law Firm Digital Marketing Trends To Implement In New Jersey

Fortunately, many new trends are relatively easy to incorporate into an already working New Jersey Lawyer SEO. Let's look at a few that you should include in your New Jersey law firm marketing plan:

1. Voice Search Optimizations

Voice search is becoming more popular as a result of the widespread use of smart speakers like Siri and Alexa. This method of looking for information is quicker and more straightforward than standard queries.

Target question terms like "how," "what," "why," "when," and "where" to make your content more voice search-friendly. Additionally, long-form keywords are a crucial part of Voice Search. So you should make sure to take note of that on your next keyword research plan.

Remember: Most voice searches are done on mobile devices, so you should also optimize for mobile-friendliness. You can easily check your mobile friendliness on Google's free tool.

2. Mobile Optimizations

All content marketing channels should be mobile search optimized, but email marketing is especially crucial because most emails are now opened on mobile devices. Websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly improve user experience and increase conversion rates.

Remember: Web pages that look good on desktops get shrunk down on mobile. If unoptimized, your law firm website becomes hard to read, navigate, and use.

So, make sure to put effort into optimizing your mobile site. Then, you can quickly check for it using Google's Mobile Friendly tool or viewing your law firm website through your phone.

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3. Personalized Content And Email

Personalized emails and carefully thought-out user experiences can make your users feel heard and seen in a sea of rivals. For example, use email marketing to announce events, welcome back returning blog readers, suggest relevant legal content that might match a user's interests, and so on.

You can start with customizing your email lists by addressing each subscriber by their name. You can easily do this through email marketing tools that allow multiple personalization options.

4. Use Video Marketing Content

Video marketing is currently one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. You'll see videos doing well on a slew of platforms like YouTube and TikTok, as well as other platforms that aren't exclusively video content centric like Facebook and Twitter.

That said, optimal law firm video content works differently than the usually written content like legal blogging and eNewsletters. For example, videos need to be snappier, information needs to be more condensed, and the video itself needs to be engaging.

Important Note: Set Up Your Foundations First

All the abovementioned strategies are new emerging trends. However, you shouldn't ignore the basics of law firm digital marketing, like Attorney SEO, law firm content marketing, and website design and user experience optimization. After all, you must ensure you have a great website and content before tackling mobile-friendliness and voice search keywords.

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