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How To Improve Your New Jersey Law Firm Backlink Profile

Getting More Backlinks And Building Site Authority For New Jersey Law Firms

The surefire way to boost your traffic and SERP rankings is to have a great backlink profile. Getting more backlinks is one of the quickest ways to improve your Lawyer SEO.

That said, how do backlinks play into search engine optimization for lawyers? How do you get more of them? Let's talk about it:

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Why Backlinks Are Important For New Jersey Lawyer SEO

One of the ways site authority is assessed is through the quality and quantity of your law firm website's backlinks. Prestige is one of the most crucial ranking elements; if you have reputable websites that link back to your lawyer website, you'll also be considered reputable.

Remember: Links associate different pages or domains. As a result, if your content or pages are linked from a reputable website with a high ranking, search engines will assume that your website is of a comparable standard.

Similarly, having backlinks from spammy, low-ranking, or low-authority websites indicates that your website is of low quality.

With a strong backlink profile, you'll get additional New Jersey Attorney SEO advantages like improved traffic, online visibility, and lead generation. Having a high authority also means you'll rank higher.

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How To Increase The Number Of Backlinks For Your New Jersey Law Firm

Writing quality content and contacting high-authority websites is the surefire technique to increase the number of backlinks, as was previously discussed. This is what you do, and here's why:

Method 1: Writing High-Quality Content

You can enhance your backlink profile naturally by producing "linkable" legal content. High-quality (meaning complete, thorough, and valuable) legal content you provide can be cited and linked on websites with high authority.

For example, a reputable online news outlet may use and cite your great legal guide on personal injury law in their articles or reports. Similarly, reputable websites like online periodicals, weekly legal news, and others will link to their sources.

However, most high-authority websites won't link to or reference blog entries that don't have well-implemented Lawyer SEO. As a result, you should focus on user experience, good security, and mobile optimization for your law firm website. After all, if they link to you, they associate their pages with yours; therefore, you should give them every incentive to do so.

Method 2: Contacting Other Trustworthy Websites

You can contact owners of high-authority sites directly rather than wait for reputable websites to link to your New Jersey law firm website.

You can request the following:

  1. Pointing Out Unlinked Mentions. You can ask the website host to link to you if your legal practice or content is mentioned but not linked. For example, sometimes, authors will write "according to..." statements without linking back to the website it comes from.

  2. Posting A Guest Article. The standard etiquette for guest posting is the guest author writes high-quality content and will get a backlink in return. While there are no definitive laws or regulations around this, backlinks on the author's bio or body of the text are considered the default compensation for a guest author writing good content that will benefit the host.

These two are the two most popular methods of Lawyer SEO to increase backlink profiles. You can expedite your digital marketing tactics by implementing strategies to ensure you obtain more backlinks.

It's essential to remember that when you first start link building, you should be realistic about the contacts you make. For instance, the New York Times or Forbes will be challenging for a small legal firm or a law firm SEO newbie.

You should carefully craft sincere outreach emails because how you write them could mean the difference between receiving a good backlink and being ignored. Use their name, show that you are aware of their website, and explain what their readers might gain from your content.

You'll probably only hear back from a select few of the websites you contact, regardless of how reputable your site eventually becomes. But if your content connects with at least some of those websites, the connections you get will be well worth boosting your domain authority.

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