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4 Ways To Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Want to Boost And Get Leads from Instagram? Here's a Guide To Instagram Marketing Law Firm That Drives More Sales

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and this means it has a large user base. However, if you're thinking about expanding your presence outside of your law firm's website, you should first know how to find opportunities to implement your marketing strategy. In this post, we'll discuss Law Firm Marketing tips and tricks you can immediately do on Instagram.

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1. Don't Be Exclusively Promotional

As a general rule, content marketing is all about providing high-quality content. High-quality content gets people to read, consume, and engage with your account. Conversely, content that holds no value to a user is more likely to get ignored.

To put it simply, your Instagram page shouldn't be flooded by strictly promotional material.

Low-quality Instagram content not only fails to retain audience interest but also makes it harder for anyone to find you. On the other hand, high-quality content gets more engagement, and gets shared around more than a simple tagline and links to your other pages.

Here are a few content ideas you might want to try out:

  • Infographics. Instagram is a very visual platform, so you should adjust your content accordingly. A great way to do so would be to create concise and visually pleasing infographics. Depending on your layout, you can also use multiple photos and group them into one post.

  • Quick video content. You can also make brief minute-long videos that can show some basic info or trivia. For example, you can try making an introductory guide on the areas of law you practice in. You can do this exclusively in text and stock images, through a series of brief FAQ questions.

  • Caption photos with trivia. Your Instagram captions have a 2,200-character limit, so there's so much you can include in there. You can try posting photos and write relevant "Did You Know?" trivia into the captions.

    • Remember, a lot of Instagram users follow professionals who can give insights into their profession. So drop some knowledge if you can!

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  • Instagram Stories. While followers are the most likely to be updated of your Stories, they are still publicly available for everyone to see. They have a 24-hour time limit before they disappear, but you can permanently keep them on your page by adding them to your Highlights. You can also organize your Highlights into a folder, so try organizing them based on the content you're posting.

    • Instagram Stories can also allow you to put cool gifs and widgets:

      • One you can regularly use for follower engagement is the poll widget, where you can put two choices for viewers to click. After choosing their answer, they also get to see the results in percentage.

      • Another one is the Q&A widget, where users can send you answers through them. You can post your replies in succeeding Stories.

      • Finally, there is the "Swipe Up" link. Users can make a swipe gesture on their phones to follow a set link from your Stories. These are similar to hyperlinks in blogs, and you can use them to redirect users to your site.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags help people find you on Instagram. Potentially interested users can't always see your posts pop up on their Explore Page, but they can use hashtags as a way to filter out content.

Take some time to look for the most popular lawyer-related hashtags, and use them at the end of your photo captions. You can either use tools or simply start typing common phrases like "Lawyer", "Attorney", and "Personal Injury". The search bar can give you search suggestions, as well as the number of posts that use similar hashtags.

3. Always Link To Your Main Site

While improving your social media presence is a valuable marketing strategy, you still need to direct traffic toward your law firm's main website. So put your links on your bio, captions, and Stories.

Being popular on Instagram can drive brand awareness, but you still have to assist interested users with your contact info. If you have a submission form to request appointments, you should prioritize those.

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4. You Can Convert Regular Posts To Paid Ads

If you ever actively used Instagram before, you would have noticed that their ads are integrated into your feed and in-between Stories. This is because regular posts can be turned into "Sponsored Posts" via Instagram Promotions.

If you think you need to boost a great post that's doing poorly or if you just wanted to incorporate paid ads into your strategy, Instagram Promotions makes it easy for you.

However, you should remember that you can always boost traffic and engagement by optimizing your posts. If it isn't doing well, that might just be because something's lacking, it isn't relevant enough, or you're not using the proper hashtags for people to find you.

Let LawyerLeadMachine Manage Your Law Firm Instagram Strategy

You can start your Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy by coming out with high-quality content and optimizing your law firm's Instagram profile.

There are several opportunities for your law company to expand its presence on Instagram. Consistently post valuable information for your followers. Hashtags help more people view your posts. As you post more on the platform, you'll learn what works and doesn't, allowing you to alter your social media strategy.

If your law firm needs help with Instagram marketing strategy and account management, reach out to the best Law Firm Marketing agency near you!


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