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5 Interesting Website Features For Lawyers

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

A List Of Site Features To Include On Your Law Firm's Website

When you set up a website, it becomes the center of your law firm's online presence. This is where you publish content, tell people about your practice, and encourage potential clients to hire you. However, there's more to your website than a brochure for your legal practice.

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Aside from the site aesthetic and published content, your website should encourage visitors to become clients. Therefore, as you work on your on-page Lawyer SEO to rank high, you should also add features that keep people on your page as long as possible. You can do so by adding site features that make it easy to use.

1. Include A Live Chat

Site visitors come to your website for various reasons. They either want to ask questions about their case, know something about a legal procedure, or decide if they wish to hire your law firm to be their legal counsel.

Most businesses have been using chats and private messages to address client (and future client) concerns. While leaving your contact information (like office phone number and email) might encourage some users to contact you for inquiries, live chats are faster and less personal.

This feature is popular since it allows users to get immediate responses to their inquiries. If your responses persuade them, they will be motivated to hire you for your legal services.

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2. Highlight Your Most Important Practice Areas

As with any good marketing strategy, you should put your firm's best foot forward. One way to do so would be to emphasize the areas of law that you usually handle and put them somewhere they can easily be found.

It's normal to have a single page, commonly labeled "practice area" or "areas of law", that displays the various areas where the firm can help. However, the majority of people who visit legal websites are looking for answers to specific problems.

Identify your firm's primary practice areas and offer unique navigation links for each one, rather than combining all fields under one link. This will give the impression that your firm specializes in these areas and can offer sound advice.

Remember: Most of your site visitors will be non-lawyers seeking informative content or wanting to hire legal counsel.

Separating your practice areas from each other allows you to send them to a dedicated page that can give them all the information they need. This also allows you to optimize for different practice area-related keywords per page.

3. Make Easy Submission Forms

A submission form is quite helpful in encouraging people to contact your law firm. Let site visitors use it to contact you, whether it's to ask you questions about your firm, practice, or online content. In turn, you can ask for their names, email addresses, case details, and so on.

You can also use forms to submit case details, subscribe to newsletters, and register for restricted content. Submission forms are great for landing pages.

Remember: You don't want to make submission forms too long or ask for too many details. If it takes too much time or is difficult to navigate and fill out, it might actually discourage people from submitting them.

Most visitors are hesitant to divulge too much information at first. Therefore, it will be reasonable to keep things simple and include only the essential fields.

4. Make Multiple Landing Pages

Another vital aspect of Lawyer SEO website design is landing pages. Because these pages are targeted to the audience's specific needs, they can improve conversions.

For Example:

An Employment Law Firm could build separate pages for Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, Workers' Compensation, etc. These will help you target users who are looking for specific solutions to their personal legal problems.

In addition, by developing many variations of a landing page, you are setting a wide net for different types of site visitors.

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5. Feature Client Testimonials

Whether written or video, positive testimonials add to your reputation and support a prospect's decision to hire you as their legal counsel. This is why large and successful firms place a premium on building a positive relationship with customers and requiring many changes within a reasonable amount of time. As a result, they receive more positive feedback from their satisfied customers.

The most important thing to do here is to ask a satisfied customer to post a review based on the service you delivered. This benefits your website by improving Local SEO and online reputation.

Let LawyerLeadMachine Help You

Your website is your law firm's calling card. Law Firm SEO and Digital Marketing can increase traffic and conversions. Adding interactive and accessible features on your site incentivizes users to stick around.

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