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Content Ideas For Law Firm SEO

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

3 Things To Write About For Law Firm Content Marketing

How content marketing works is you put out consistent and high-quality material to fully benefit from the strategy. Therefore, you need to regularly produce thoughtful, relevant, and helpful content. However, this presents one glaring challenge: how do you not run out of ideas?

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Defining "High-Quality" Content

Search engine algorithms deem pages and posts to be high-quality in many ways. A quick rundown of the possible factors are as follows:

  1. Content is not stuffed with too many or completely irrelevant keywords.

  2. Content is long enough to be useful to users, not just a single paragraph that lacks any helpful information or advice.

  3. Users stay long enough to consume the material; for example, users stay long enough for an 18-minute read instead of clicking off mere seconds after entering the site.

  4. Users regularly interact with your posts; this could be in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

  5. Reputable sites link to your content or pages.

As a quick caution, several factors can contribute to how different search engines evaluate your posts. For example, while there is no set number of words to be considered "high-quality", the general agreement amongst SEO experts is that longer content tends to have more complete or exhaustive information.

Why Should You Be Consistent?

When you're running a legal blog, you should regularly come out with content consistently. This is because most interested users tend to come back for new material. Additionally, having a good amount of backlog can encourage users to stay around and read more.

Being consistent with your content production compounds the benefits of your content marketing strategy. The more high-quality content you come out with, the more chances you have of getting traffic and ranking up on the search results.

This only means that running out of ideas is a problem. It does not benefit your Law Firm Marketing strategy to constantly regurgitate tired topics. Even worse, you might end up with duplicates, and those are bad for Law Firm SEO.

digital marketing for law firms

What Types Of Content Can You Create?

There are several types of online legal content you can produce. It helps if you plan them ahead of time. Here are some easy-to-implement suggestions:

1. Legal Guides

Legal guides are one of the most common types of legal content used in Lawyer SEO. They are written for users who are looking to know about specific laws and litigation processes.

Remember: Guides are written to directly answer potential questions a user might have.

Your legal guides should also cater to different levels of knowledge about the law. You can do this by adjusting your word usage and overall tone, so it's digestible but comprehensive.

For Example:

Say you want to write a Personal Injury guide. You're blog post or article should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is Personal Injury Law?

  • What is the Statute of Limitations?

  • What evidence is needed to prove Personal Injury?

  • What damages can I collect in a Personal Injury Case?

  • Who should I go to after a Personal Injury Case?

  • Why do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should also avoid using complicated terminology, and if you do, explain it in the best way you can.

You want your legal guides to be easily understandable because digestible content caters to a broader demographic. Using easy-to-digest language will not only cater to people looking for a quick read about something they're already interested in, but also people who never thought they needed a lawyer in the first place.

2. Legal Trivia

Other than legal guides, you can also write about legal trivia in the form of helpful how-tos and tips. Here are some content ideas you might want to write about:

  • How To Hire A Lawyer

  • Where To Find A Lawyer

  • How To Prepare For Your First Hearing

  • Top Legal Defenses For DUIs

  • Documents You Need For A Divorce

You can frame these posts like a list of tips. They should walk a user through each one while giving them concrete suggestions on what to do. This is where using more casual language helps. In addition, it will help if you cater to users looking for advice on a certain topic.

This is also an opportunity to add internal links that encourage readers to look at your more comprehensive guides.

For Example:

If you're writing an article about "The Common Legal Defenses To DUIs", you should link back to a more comprehensive guide on the legal process of a DUI.

This not only links all your related posts, but it encourages users to stay on your site for as long as possible.

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3. Legal News

Some laws don't always change as often, so it feels like you might run out of things to write about. An excellent way to avoid talking about the same topic over and over is to write about current events and legal news stories.

Seasonal or trending news stories are favored by the algorithm because there tends to be a spike in the number of searches.

Not unlike a news story, you can report on a specific event through a legal lens.

You can also write about new laws and the circumstances surrounding them (i.e., Covid-19, the elections, etc.). This takes advantage of the high traffic for certain seasonal or trending keywords.

As always, link your comprehensive guides in your news stories. Unless you want to discuss an entire legal process related to a related news story, you should link it for people who want to read more about the topic. This also promotes your "evergreen" or more "timeless" posts and articles.

Do You Need Help Coming Up With New Content?

Content marketing is best when consistent and optimized. If you need a little help or running out of ideas, LawyerLeadMachine can help you come out with high-quality and consistent SEO content.

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