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What is a Nofollow Link?

Updated: May 11, 2022

An Quick Intro To Nofollow Links For Law Firm SEO

Search engine bots look at links to see how websites are connected. They use dofollow links to get from one domain to the next, avoiding nofollow links. Nofollow links, on the other hand, can increase the value of your site. So the first step in developing a healthy backlink profile for your website is to understand how other websites link to you.

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When you're implementing Off-page strategies to boost your Lawyer SEO, you might already know why backlinks are important to your search engine rankings. You write guest posts, claim unlinked mentions, and list your law firm in lawyer directories to obtain good reputable backlinks. This is because search engines use links as a way to crawl your sites and rank them.

Remember: The quality and amount of incoming links are used to measure your website's ranking, among other things.

Google has been utilizing a weighted point system to assess the importance of a page and, as a result, where it should appear in search results. The value of links referring to a page or website is factored into this method. Therefore, high-quality links might help your website climb the search results rankings.

Dofollow Vs. Nofollow Links

A dofollow link is the default setting for a link. In other words, a dofollow link does not have the nofollow tag.

Dofollow and nofollow links appear to the ordinary website user to be almost identical. The difference is that Nofollow links include a short attribute that informs search engine bots that the link should not be followed (rel= "nofollow").

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Nofollow links, according to Google, do not pass PageRank to the linked page. This means that nofollow links pointing to your website have no bearing on its ranking in search engine results pages.

What Are The Benefits Of NoFollow Links?

You might be thinking that nofollow links are useless to your Lawyer SEO. However, there's a reason why some SEO practitioners still submit guest posts and claim mentions knowing they'll get nofollow links. Why is that?

Although nofollow links do not directly affect website rankings, they can nevertheless be beneficial in other ways.

1. It's Natural To Have Both Types Of Backlinks

It's natural for a website to receive a mix of nofollow and dofollow links. In fact, Google's Penguin update identified the presence of all dofollow links on a page as suspicious.

Remember: Having all dofollow links on your website can make it look like you've intentionally used link farms and paid posts to link to you. Even the highest-ranking pages have 20-30% nofollow links pointing back to them.

Consider building a natural-looking backlink profile. You don't have to contact every site that links you with a nofollow link and ask for a dofollow one.

2. They Can Drive Traffic

Many high-traffic websites have nofollow links on their pages. While they may not immediately contribute to your website's rankings, they can be a valuable source of traffic when visitors click through to view it.

Even if an industry authority links to your site with a nofollow, it still sends vital traffic your way. This traffic is made up of people that are interested in what you can offer.

Remember: Your website's rankings aren't just based on quality dofollow backlinks. No follow links can get people to find out about you, so it still boosts traffic.

You'll get credible leads from this traffic. Those leads, such as a blogger or industry expert, may then use a dofollow link to link to your article. This method generates extra links to your profile, which aids in the authority of your website.

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3. They Boost Brand Awareness

Links from prominent websites can help you obtain more exposure—the more people that hear about you, the more chances for you to catch someone's attention.

Remember: Some users don't even know they need an attorney. However, the fact that they now know you opens up the possibility of them consulting your legal guides and blogs.

The more attention and traffic you get, the more likely you will obtain organic dofollow links from people who cite your content or recommend your website.

What Can LawyerLeadMachine Do For You?

Lawyer SEO can boost traffic and conversions for your Law Firm. While getting backlinks is a more advanced strategy that you will have to work up to overtime, both nofollow and dofollow links are a good outcome of your off-page SEO efforts.

To get started on your SEO strategy, review your options here.


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