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6 Actionable Local SEO Tips For Illinois Law Firms

Implement Illinois Lawyer SEO And Local SEO Boosts On Your Law Firm Website

Local SEO is a must for law firm marketing in Illinois. Most of your clients are coming from your locale, so you want to be visible where they are. Fortunately, local SEO can fit nicely into your existing law firm marketing and SEO strategies.

Here are a few easy ways to start optimizing and ranking higher in Illinois SERPs:

Illinois local seo

Tip #1: Your Google My Business Listings Should Be Optimized

Google My Business listings are frequently among the top results when you conduct a local search. These listings offer a brief synopsis of your company on the SERP, along with information like law firm address, hours of operation, Google rating, and a call button. Additional details, including reviews, pictures, driving instructions, and a link to your company website, can be found by clicking on the individual entries.

You must add accurate, comprehensive, and valuable information to your Google My Business listing if you want it to appear higher in local searches. Ensure your law firm office addresses, business hours, and phone numbers are current first.

Additionally, your star rating and the number of reviews on your Google My Business page are essential ranking considerations. You'll also want to manage, respond, and urge clients to leave reviews.

Tip #2: Get More Reviews And Manage Them

One of the most significant ranking factors for Google My Business is reviews, as was already mentioned. In addition, they're crucial ranking elements for other local listing websites that your Illinois law firm might be listed on, including Yelp.

You can manage your reviews by using a few of the following tips:

  • Inform and educate clients on how to submit reviews

  • Always keep an eye on your reviews

  • React honestly and immediately to each review

  • You may use a few positive reviews (with the client's consent) on your website

law firm seo Illinois

Tip #3: Your NAPs Should Be Consistent Throughout Your Website and Online Listings

NAP, or Name, Address, and Phone Number, plays a significant role in local search results rankings. This is because Google will cross-reference your law firm name, the addresses of your various locations, and the phone numbers of those locations across your website and other online listings to ensure you are a legitimate organization.

Consider adding your law firm name, locations' addresses, and phone numbers as schema markups to your pages to aid NAP uniformity on your website. The language of search engines is the schema, sometimes known as structured data; data in this format is more straightforward for crawlers to recognize. Schema markups can be added to your website as HTML code or plugins.

Tip #4: Try Local Link Building Strategies

Link building is gaining new external domain links to your website. Google will consider law firm websites with backlinks more credible from sites with high domain authority. Your rankings rise as a result of increasing your domain authority.

Consider how you can obtain backlinks from trustworthy local sources when developing a local link-building strategy. Examples include local company directories, regional newspapers, regional blogs, etc.

Tip #5: Optimize Mobile Site Speeds

All search engine searches take into account mobile site speed when determining rankings. However, the stakes for mobile optimization are exceptionally high for local SEO in Illinois. This is because most people in your locale are the most likely to need your law firm services.

The following advice can help you make your mobile site faster:

  • Use Google's mobile-friendly tool to evaluate your website

  • Adapt your pop-ups for mobile platforms

  • Utilize caching

  • Reduce the size or compress your photos to speed up loading time

  • Cut down on server response time

  • Use browser caching

  • Limit the number of redirects you use

  • Get rid of bad requests and 404 errors

  • Limit the number of plugins you use

  • Check the speed of your website over time and make changes

Tip #6: Test, Measure, and Improve Your Illinois Local SEO Strategy

You must continuously update your law firm website with new components and evaluate their effectiveness. Additionally, you should constantly assess the website traffic that local SEO is bringing you and adjust to improve it.

Remember, Lawyer SEO has many moving parts that could be changed up and optimized for better ROI. Auditing your Illinois Lawyer SEO strategy helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current implementation, so you know what to keep doing and what needs changing.

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LawyerLeadMachine is a team of SEO experts, experienced digital marketers, and website content writers for lawyers. We help law firms and lawyers boost Lawyer SEO, content marketing, and local visibility.

Whether you're looking to boost visibility, build trust, or find more clients, we have the right experts and tools for you. Get in touch with us and learn more about our legal marketing services in Illinois.

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