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Why You Need An Illinois Law Firm Website ASAP

Why Build And Optimize An Attorney Website For Your Illinois Law Firm

The internet has been a viable law firm marketing medium for a while. So, if you haven't gotten around to building a law firm website yet, now's the time. Think of your Illinois law firm website as a digital brochure or business card, which you can refer people to should they want to know more about or contact your Illinois law firm.

That said, a digital business card in itself is fantastic. It's fitting and more timely to give potential clients links to your website instead of personally handing them a physical card. However, you can do more about your law firm website than simply posting online information about your law firm.

With the right Lawyer SEO strategies, you'll be able to generate leads and get organic traffic. In other words, you can use it to attract new potential clients who might find you on their own. With enough organic traffic, you won't have to send people links yourself; you'll just start getting found by people who are interested in what you do and what you can offer.

So, let's talk about building a law firm website, how it benefits you, and what you can do to get the most out of it.

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A Brief Intro To Lawyer SEO And Its Many Benefits For Illinois Law Firms

Lawyer SEO is the most popular digital marketing strategy for many industries. It's relatively accessible to law firms of any size and SEO experience, and can bring great sustainable ROI. It's so effective, in fact, that a lot of brands, businesses, individuals, and professionals set aside resources to improve their SEO strategy.

The goal of Attorney SEO in Illinois is to rank high in the SERPs. This might not be a TV ad or a national radio mention, but it utilizes a crucial part of people's day-to-day online activity: using search engines.

People look up all kinds of things on Google. They'll look for recipes, do academic research, find restaurants, hire services, and, yes, find a nearby law firm. If you rank high in keywords with a good amount of traffic, the number of eyes on your law firm slowly increases. You're essentially getting this traffic from the people already looking up keywords related to the law and law firms, so you're also getting attention from the people who are most likely to become clients for your law firm.

Do You Need A Law Firm Website To Implement Law Firm SEO In Illinois?

Your law firm website is going to be the central point of all your law firm digital marketing efforts. This is where your blog posts are and where links from social media, guest posts, and emails point back to.

In addition, if you notice, many social media profiles for law firms have links that point back to their website, where more information about their law firm can be accessed by the users who click on it.

Not to mention, many businesses and firms have a website right now. Since the digital world has become more critical to people's daily life, you want to make sure you're visible there, too. Otherwise, you'll get beaten out by the competition who went out of their way to build an online presence.

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3 Easy Tips On Building An Illinois Attorney Website Ready For Lawyer SEO

So, you want to take the first step of Lawyer SEO: build a website.

Here's a checklist to help you build a solid foundation for more advanced law firm marketing strategies:

Tip #1: Plan Your Site Structure

You need to figure out how many pages you have, how they'll be related to each other, and how they'll be linked. The worst type of website is one that's cluttered and hard to navigate.

Remember, you'll be putting a lot of information out there, so you'll need a couple of pages to ensure it's on your law firm website. If you don't figure out where and how to organize your pages, links, and keywords, it'll be a challenging time for you, your visitors, and the site crawlers determining how you rank in the SERPs.

Tip #2: Pay Attention To User Experience

Lawyer SEO can depend on the search engine algorithms and what they deem high-quality. However, these search engines (especially Google) aim to deliver the best results to their users. This means user behavior is a factor, so if people leave quickly or are having a terrible time, it will eventually affect your rankings.

Ensure your website has fast loading speeds, easy navigation, great color schemes, mobile-friendliness, and good readability. Otherwise, people can't extract the information they need or can't get it fast enough, which isn't going to spell well for your rankings.

Tip #3: Update Your Information

The purpose of attracting people to your website is for them to eventually become law firm clients. Thus, you need to make it easy for them to convert.

So, ensure you have your law firm information for the people who are now on their way to becoming your clients. You don't want them to leave your website to look you up; they should be able to make calls or get your office address on your website.

This also means you should be updating your information should anything change. Again, this applies everywhere you are on the internet, so update information on your social media, Google My Business listings, and so on.

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Hire An Experienced Legal Marketing Agency for Illinois Law Firms

Our LawyerLeadMachine team comprises legal marketing experts dedicated to providing law firm marketing solutions to law firms in Illinois and other states. We aim to help you get more clients through optimization, local SEO, and law firm content marketing.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our legal marketing services in Illinois.

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