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6 Tips for Illinois Lawyer Website Content

Easy, Actionable Tips For Creating Optimized Law Firm Website Content

Law firm website content plays a significant role in Illinois Lawyer SEO and general law firm marketing strategies. Both search engines and online users go through your content, affecting your ranking in the SERPs.

Additionally, "content" doesn't just refer to blog posts and content marketing material. This also includes text, images, and information on your landing pages, home pages, and any corner of your website.

So, let's talk about law firm website content and how best to create them:

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1. Know Who You're Writing For

Knowing your target audience is the first step to more effective law firm website content writing. The more relevant and valuable your legal website content, the more likely it is to attract and convert potential clients for your Illinois law firm.

Researching your target audience means you know what topics to write about, how to explain them, which tone to use, and so on.

2. Research, Edit, And Proofread

Law firms are held to a high standard in website content writing. However, mistakes and misinformation are huge turn-offs, so you want to ensure you don't post mistakes on blog posts, landing pages, etc.

Remember, small mistakes can affect trust and reliability. To build trust and authority, you need to consistently deliver high-quality content. Otherwise, users may not trust you.

3. Keep Your Legal Content Clear And Concise

Legal clients aren't first-year law students. They're not looking to read essays on complex legal concepts and terminology.

Your content should be simple enough for a prospective client to grasp without first engaging a lawyer. Therefore, when writing information, be concise and explain your ideas clearly from the reader's perspective. Speak plainly and avoid legalese, niche terms, and obscure slang when possible.

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4. Create A Great Web Copy

When a potential client is investigating a legal issue online, you should anticipate they won't have the time to sift through large amounts of text. So instead, make your information simple to skim and understand by using strategic formatting, headings, and images.

You want to avoid using illegible fonts, small text, crowded page elements, etc. These factors can disrupt comfortable reading and consumption of your content, so you want to pay attention to them as much as you focus on content quality.

5. Use Images

Infographics, images, videos, and GIFs are all excellent methods for enhancing the visual appeal of your law firm website content. Besides keeping visitors interested, they could boost your Illinois Lawyer SEO.

A simple featured image on a blog post or a landing page can immediately make your pages more appealing. All-text pages don't tend to be as interesting or attention-grabbing, so adding a few images can already boost Lawyer SEO for Illinois Law Firms.

Additionally, images and infographics can also aid in delivering your content. For example, you can use visual aids to help show your points by using screenshots. Likewise, infographics can provide content through graphs and visual representation to make the information easier to digest.

6. Audit Your Legal Website Content

Some content will do great, while others not so much. As mentioned, content can influence trust, authority, and conversions. So, if something's not working, you might want to change it.

That said, how do you know something isn't working as well as you expected? You audit them.

Using tools and other easy methods, document and analyze your progress. For example, you can try identifying blog posts that aren't getting as much traffic as most of your entries. Then, you can compare these poor-performing content to the rest of your blog by checking the content, formatting, and topics and then try to identify what's not working.

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LawyerLeadMachine is a team of SEO experts, experienced digital marketers, and website content writers for lawyers. We help law firms and lawyers boost Lawyer SEO, content marketing, and local visibility.

Whether you're looking to boost visibility, build trust, or find more clients, we have the right experts and tools for you. Get in touch with us and learn more about our legal marketing services in Illinois.

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