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3 Pillars of a Successful Legal Content Strategy

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Critical Tips On Implementing Content Marketing For Lawyers

A lot goes into Content Marketing for Law Firms. If you're new at this, it can be a little overwhelming. You not only have to pay attention to the content, but you also need to refine your methods in creating, writing, and optimizing them.

There are hundreds of tips that can help boost content marketing for lawyers. However, there are three you need to pay attention to and be consistent with. These three content marketing and publishing strategies for law firms dictate every supplementary tactic required for a successful law firm content marketing strategy.

content marketing and publishing strategies for law firms

#1: Content Should Be High-Quality

Since content is the key element of content marketing for lawyers, newbies tend to get caught up and lose sight of the primary goal: quality.

Of course, the more content you produce, the better it is for your law firm's content marketing strategy. However, if your willing to make more content interferes with your ability to create high-quality ones, then you should reconsider your current approach. Prioritizing quantity over quality might lead to thin, insufficient, error-ridden, or generally unhelpful content.

Remember: The goal of search engine algorithms is to give users the best results. Hence, if someone looks up a guide on personal injury laws, Google will provide complete, in-depth, and helpful content. But, unfortunately, rushed content often doesn't have the same quality level as those written or created thoughtfully.

Whether you're implementing content strategies on your own or you're hiring content marketing services for law firms, it is crucial to know how vital this pillar is. Knowing this would help you look at your content from the SEO lens and allow you to audit and change your strategy to get more ROI from your efforts.

content marketing services for law firms

#2: Lawyer SEO And Content Marketing For Law Firms Work Hand-In-Hand

Many law firms that implement SEO also have legal blogs, as you might have already noticed. Likewise, well-performing legal blogs are always optimized with the right keywords, page design, and links.

Remember: Lawyer SEO helps you get found on the SERPs. It boosts your content reach and helps you attract more leads with it. So, if you're running a blog on your legal website, you need to make sure you're using the right keywords and optimizing your pages.

Some keywords and Lawyer SEO trends change over time, so pay attention to these changes. For example, your employment law guide might be ranking high today, but changes in the algorithm could cause it to start slipping in rank. However, with a few law firm SEO tweaks—like changing keywords and adding links—you can refresh your old content and get more ROI from it without writing an entirely new blog post.

#3: Create Content For Your Audience, Not Search Engines

Unfortunately, focusing too heavily on the Lawyer SEO aspects of your law firm website might affect your legal content strategy. Of course, you'll want your pages to rank high so people can see them. However, if you're forcing keywords, using misleading titles, or spamming links to your pages, it could affect the overall quality of the actual content you're publishing.

Remember: Search engines put their users first. That's why the way searchers use and interact with your law firm's website is considered in ranking pages.

For example, if many users leave your law firm's website right after they click on it (also known as "bouncing"), your high bounce rate might lose you some ranking points. Likewise, if you're getting a lot of traffic and retention time, then it increases your chance of ranking higher.

Additionally, not writing for your target audience could mean you're not helping them to the fullest extent. For example, if your blog post is chock-full of keywords but difficult for a human to understand, users might not perceive as much value in your content.

So, don't get caught up in Lawyer SEO. Instead, you want to choose high-traffic keywords that are still relevant to the searcher's intent. In addition, you should think about getting the right audience to trust your law firm and convert, even if that means getting less traffic and attention than spamming random competitive keywords.

content marketing agency for law firms

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