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6 Site Design Tips For New Jersey Law Firms

Build And Design An Effective And Secure Website

Site design can significantly affect your Lawyer SEO. For example, loading speeds are factors search engines consider when ranking your pages. Likewise, usability affects how people consume your content and interact with your website.

Unoptimized law firm websites don't do as well as they should in the SERPs, no matter how good the content you're publishing is. So, here are a few law firm website design tips from our New Jersey Law Firm SEO experts:

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Remember, your law firm website might be people's first interaction with your New Jersey law firm. Hence, you want to ensure you're making the best first impression.

Here are some tips on developing a solid, Lawyer SEO-friendly website design:

1. Plan Things Out

Make a thorough plan of what you want to do, how you will do it, and how each component of your law firm website. This allows you to adjust and add more features before your website goes live.

That said, certain site designs work for specific audiences while others don't. So, research your target audience and learn their demographics, traits, and preferences. For example, if you're an estate planning law firm looking for senior clients, your site design should accommodate their preferred user experience, aesthetic, language, and tone.

2. Avoid Or Remove Unnecessary Site Elements

Animations, rambling prose, irrelevant stock photos, and an excess of promotional language can feel excessive or clumsy. The goal is to reduce the distractions from your pages.

Remember: People often don't have the time to consume and navigate excessive site elements.

Instead, set a goal for each page and focus on that. For example, a landing page made to encourage audiences to subscribe to your email list should not have extraneous information outside of your email drip. Flooding the page with too many photos, videos, site animation, and irrelevant paragraphs distracts users from converting.

3. Add Social Media Buttons

Your website should act as the center of an integrated online presence. As a result, it's beneficial to include buttons on your website that point to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram).

Remember: Traffic and attention wherever your law firm is in the online space is beneficial for your law firm marketing in New Jersey. So, have people visit your social media profiles to boost your follower count and engagement.

Ideally, these buttons should be in a footer that follows visitors as they navigate between pages. However, it shouldn't be too disruptive; otherwise, it'll get in the way of people browsing your law firm website.

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4. Optimize For Mobile Browsing

More and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. Unfortunately, unoptimized websites often result in errors and poor user experience on mobile devices. After all, a law firm website that looks and feels great in desktop form may not necessarily work as well on phones and tablets.

Therefore, ensuring your website is mobile responsive and appears just as excellent on smaller displays should be a top focus.

5. Have A New Jersey Lawyer SEO Plan

When building or updating your website, search engine optimization for lawyers should be taken into account at every stage. It is a crucial component of any law firm's online presence.

Remember: The whole point of building a New Jersey law firm website is for people to find you and hopefully become your clients. Lawyer SEO helps you rank in the SERPs, boosting visibility and brand awareness for your New Jersey law firm.

So, do keyword research, create great web copies, post content regularly, monitor your performance, and so on. Learning and implementing might take some time and effort, but the ROI is worth it.

6. Don't Take Site Security For Granted

Security breaches are one of the worst things to happen to any website. But, unfortunately, if people don't trust your law firm website, it carries over to how they perceive your New Jersey law firm.

This entails having a valid SSL certificate, a data file that associates a "key" with your company and secures logins, browsing, data transfers, and credit card transactions. Because it generates the "https" protocol and the padlock icon in a user's search box, a valid SSL certificate is necessary. If your website does not use the "https" application protocol, Google will frequently mark it as insecure and send visitors elsewhere.

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