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Social Media Trends For Law Firms In 2022

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Keeping Up With Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

There's a lot of potential ROI in social media marketing for attorneys. However, like search engine algorithms, social media can change from year to year. These changes can come from changes in design, algorithm, the size of the userbase, or the general use culture.

Here are some tips on keeping up with law firm social media marketing and how to incorporate them into your law firm social media strategy.

social media marketing for law firms

1. Content Is Still King

Law firms must embrace content as a significant component of their marketing strategies. Original content that provides an in-depth analysis of key legal topics and addresses the typical concerns of a firm's target clientele can help develop trust and attract new clients.

Unlike blog posts, you'll have more limited space and options for content creation on social media. In most cases, your content will need to be much shorter, but that doesn't mean it can't be high-quality.

Here are some content ideas for social media lawyers:

  • Quick tips and trivia, which can be done in under 280 characters (the limit for a single tweet)

  • Brief paragraphs explaining how the law works, which can be used as content on Facebook and Instagram

  • Infographics to help break down more complicated legal concepts through visual diagrams

  • Short videos to deliver quick and engaging information to viewers

social media marketing for attorneys

2. Join In On The Video Trend

Clients of law firms are also consumers in the larger corporate world. They've grown accustomed to watching video marketing, and some even prefer it to traditional written marketing. Consider the following video content ideas:

  • Informative videos that simplify complex legal concepts

  • Client endorsements

  • FAQs and Q&As

  • Law firm news, including new hires, case achievements, and community outreach

Each video idea can swiftly convey a message while exposing potential clients to your law firm social media marketing.

More importantly, short videos and similar formats have become more popular with the explosion of TikTok. These second-long videos now have the potential to blow up and go viral. Many professionals have joined in on the trend, producing TikToks, YouTube shorts, Twitter videos, and Instagram videos. By the looks of it, video marketing isn't going away any time soon.

3. Social Media As A Brand-Building Channel

Although you don't typically hear about branding in the legal industry, every business needs one to attract the types of clients necessary for long-term success. In addition, your branding is one of the best ways to differentiate you from other skilled law firms in your area.

Once you've defined your law firm's brand, it's essential to incorporate it into your marketing efforts. Social media may help you achieve this. However, because platforms differ so much, you should concentrate on the ones your ideal clients use.

Build a social media brand based on value-packed content using the tactics discussed in the previous sections. This can be done through the following:

  • Logos and images

  • Color schemes and design aesthetics

  • Taglines

  • Content delivery

  • Overall tone and voice

In other words, your brand is how you choose to present yourself to your audience. Are you an aggressive criminal law attorney? Are you a compassionate family lawyer? Or are you more of a determined personal injury law firm? Your image should be reflected in everything you do online, including your law firm social media marketing strategy.

social media marketing for law firms

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