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The Cost Of SEO: How Much Should You Be Spending?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

How Much Should You Be Spending On Lawyer SEO Marketing?

Big and small law firms alike implement Lawyer SEO. Since there are many options for SEO for lawyers, law firms have the power to choose how much time and effort they'll be willing to sink into SEO marketing. From affordable SEO for lawyers to pricier SEO services, you can implement Lawyer SEO depending on your current capacity.

Some strategies will require little to no cost, which could be great options for SEO for small law firms. If you have some more to spare, you can hire SEO companies for law firms, which could take your marketing strategy to another level.

That said, what are SEO perks for every budget? What does SEO for Law Firm Websites look like at every tier? Let's look at your options:

seo for small law firms

Option 1: Little To No Cost Lawyer SEO

There are several options for affordable SEO for law firms. For one, you can learn to do keyword research, format your website, and write content from thousands of free Lawyer SEO guides on the internet. Additionally, there are articles, blogs, guides, and listicles that you can read to teach yourself SEO for law firm websites.

Remember: There are also a lot of free tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. Although entirely free, these tools can help you build a basic SEO strategy.

There are also some paid tools with free versions. Though limited compared to the paid version, they're usually enough for small law firms trying to get started on SEO from scratch. Answer The Public is an excellent example of this—you'll be limited to 2 free searches a day, but that might be more than enough to find keywords.

law firm seo company

Option 2: Affordable SEO For Lawyers

Using free tools is a great way to kick off your Lawyer SEO. However, you might run into a wall at some point.

After all, free tools for SEO have limits. If you're at a point where it's becoming more critical to find better quality keywords, do social listening, implement competitor research, and so on, you'll want better options to elevate your digital marketing efforts.

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars if you think your law firm's not ready for that yet. SEO tools and services have a wide range of prices

A great first step would be to try out a few paid tools. For example, you can try paying for Ahrefs, giving you more in-depth Lawyer SEO information and tools to work with. You can also pay for a full version of Answer The Public, which will allow you to freely use their keyword tools without limits.

Option 3: Law Firm SEO Company And Agencies

Since Lawyer SEO is proven to be such an effective digital marketing strategy, you can now hire SEO companies for law firms. These companies can offer everything from keyword research, keyword implementation, content creation, Local SEO, and GMB management.

affordable seo for lawyers

With an SEO agency, you'll be able to focus your attention on your cases while all the optimizations are done for you. You can also hire a legal content writer to create great blogs and create good legal marketing content that attracts traffic, generates leads, and gets you more clients.

Law Firm SEO agencies can not only create good content for you, but they might also manage law firm website optimizations and off-page SEO.


There's a sea of Lawyer SEO options depending on your current needs and available resources. So, before deciding on what steps you want to take, make sure you know what your options are, what you're getting, and how much your law firm will be able to benefit from those options.

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