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Why Does Your Law Firm Need A Link-Building Strategy?

The Vital Benefits Of Link Building For Attorneys

If you've been reading up on Lawyer SEO and law firm marketing, you might have come across link-building at some point. It's probably been mentioned several times, especially when talking about ranking factors, authority, and the SERPs.

That said, here's a quick and easy guide on law firm backlinks and why they matter:

link building for law firms

Defining Backlinks For Lawyers

Backlinks are essentially external links that point to your domain from other websites. So, if a website links back to you on one of its pages, that counts as a backlink to your law firm's website. You can also give other websites backlinks by putting hyperlinks that point to their domain from yours.

Lawyer SEO tools, such as Google's Search Console, make it simple to see and maintain your backlink profile. You'll be able to see URLs, pages, and anchor texts associated with each backlink.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

When you link to someone else's website, it shows that you trust them. The greater the number of domains or sites that link to your page, the more "votes" it will acquire. Search engines consider backlinks pointing to you after ranking your search results.

Remember: This is why articles and blog posts typically link to reputable and well-known websites. Search engines will give them a boost in the search results if they are frequently referenced as reliable sources of information by bloggers and content producers.

When reputable websites link back to you, search engines consider it a recommendation. Backlinks boost your "domain authority," making your site more valuable than your competitors.

link building for attorneys

What Is Link Building For Lawyers?

Link building refers to implementing strategies to increase the number of backlinks to your law firm's website. Instead of waiting for backlinks to come your way, you might use a link-building strategy to increase your odds of receiving them and improve your Law Firm SEO.

However, link building entails more than just obtaining backlinks; you must also monitor and maintain your backlink profile. You may increase your ROI and optimize your off-page Lawyer SEO using the right Law Firm Link Building Tactics.

Good Vs. Bad Backlinks

That said, you need to understand one crucial aspect of law firm backlinks: not all of them are good for your Lawyer SEO.

As mentioned, any page that links to your law firm website will be associated with you. Therefore, in the same way as reputable websites will boost your authority, low-quality websites will negatively affect your rankings.

This means you should look out for low-quality, spammy, plagiarized, and recently-hacked websites. While one or two links aren't going to affect your rankings in the SERPs, multiple backlinks will.

Some of your competitors may even try to damage your website by using negative SEO tactics. One method to accomplish this is to send you backlinks from as many spammy websites as possible, which may result in you being penalized by search engines like Google. To recover from the sabotage, you have two options:

  • Ask the web host to remove the links manually

  • If the web host refuses or ignores your request, you can disavow links on your own

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