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A Guide To Write Anchor Text For Lawyer SEO

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Why Are Anchor Texts Important For Law Firm Marketing

You may come across anchor text on the internet every day but have no idea what it's called. When you see underlined text and (typically) blue while reading an article online, you know it's a link. Anchor text refers to the words you click on.

That said, anchor texts are a vital part of Lawyer SEO. Here's a quick and easy guide to what it is and why you need to optimize for it:

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When you click on a link, you'll be taken to another page with information relevant to the words you clicked on. Good anchor text directs you to a site or page with relevant information and aids Google and other search engines in determining what web pages are about.

You might not consider how many purposes anchor text can serve for online users, website designers, and the fate of most web material when you're surfing the web. First, it's a crucial indication that aids search engines in locating, categorizing, ranking, and returning the most relevant results to users' searches.

What's Anchor Text?

The visible, clickable text of a hyperlink is known as anchor text. Instead of giving the link's precise URL, it includes a few phrases inside the text you're reading that describes what you can expect if you click on the link.

Anchor text motivates people to click on the link and learn more about the issue by describing the article it links to. Readers expect the linked article to be related to whatever the anchor text explains (and it will be if done correctly).

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On the other hand, search engines have figured out how to assess the link's anchor text and URL for relevancy. Search engines accept that the link anchor text is related to the page's content when the URL and anchor text match. As a result, they value it more in the eyes of its users, which might help it rise in its rankings and be seen by more people.

Anchor Texts In Your Website

Users can utilize internal links to navigate to other pages on the same website. On the other hand, internal links do more than let users traverse a website.

They also establish the relationship between the site's pages, posts, and other content, allowing search engines to better understand the informational hierarchy. Finally, they also aid in distributing link value, or ranking power, among a site's pages.

When creating internal links, anchor text is crucial. The text should be carefully chosen, relevant to the site's aim, and helpful to visitors in assisting them in learning more. Consider why you're linking and how you may strengthen your internal linking structure by building linkages.

Anchor Texts On Your Backlinks

External links, often known as 'organic' or 'press' links, are links that other pages utilize to link back to your site. The anchor text on external links is considered by search engines to be an indicator of how others view your page, as well as a clue as to what your pages are about.

When other sites link back to your site or material, you usually don't have control over the anchor text they use for external links. So your best bet is to concentrate on the anchor text for internal links on your own website, making it as detailed and relevant to the sites it links to as possible, as well as valuable to the reader.

Best Practices For Using Anchor Text

Proper wording and formatting, thoughtful distribution of the types of anchors, targeting of optimal sites, and careful tracking of the anchors and keywords used are all best practices for anchor text.

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Here are some tips for making your anchor text more interesting and effective:

  • Anchor texts should be relevant to the page being linked to. The better the results, the more precisely the phrase of your anchor text matches the content of the website you're connecting to.

  • Keep it short. A few words per link should suffice. Nobody will click on a blue-underlined text in its entirety, and the visual disruption may drive some readers to tune out totally.

  • It should fit the sentence. If anchor text doesn't flow smoothly with the rest of the material, it'll be evident that you're only trying to get an exact keyword match. Instead, write creative, high-quality anchor text that fits into the sentence and article.

  • Avoid forcing or overusing keyword-rich anchors. Many links with exact-match anchor text signal to Google and other search engines that the links were not earned organically.

  • Change the wording of your anchor text. For example, rather than utilizing the same keyword over and over, it's best to use a variety of similar anchor text phrases.

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