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5 Bing Ranking Factors For Lawyer SEO

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

An SEO For Law Firms Guide On Optimizing For Bing Searches

SEO for law firms is highly competitive. You'll have to work extra hard to keep up with the competition if you want to rank on Google. However, other search engines—though less popular—can still bring traffic to your law firm's website. Let's take a look at Bing, and see how you can take advantage of its relatively lesser popularity.

Many people, in reality, solely optimize for Google and ignore the other search engines. This has enabled a less competitive environment on search engines like Bing.

It's difficult for newcomers to compete with those who have already established a solid foundation. So if you're relatively new at Lawyer SEO, you might want to start with something less demanding. That's where Bing comes in: easier to rank and get started on SEO for law firms.

Remember: Bing is also a default search engine for Microsoft devices, so it's not like they're an obscure option for searches.

What Are Bing's Ranking Factors?

Fortunately, most of Bing's ranking factors are similar to what you might already be doing for Lawyer SEO. So while there might be some differences, you can definitely optimize multiple pages for different search engines.

1. User Engagement

Engagement is a crucial component when optimizing for Bing. How users interact with your site is taken into consideration by Bing's algorithm, and in turn, affects your ranking.

Bounce rate is frequently used to gauge user engagement. For example, if a large number of users come to your site but rapidly leave by clicking off, Bing interprets this as low user engagement.

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On the other hand, if those visitors stick around, that counts as great news for your overall ranking. Click-through rates (CTRs) are considered essential to your Bing SEO for law firms. It's best if you can get as many people as possible to like your page. This means careful consideration of your headlines and meta descriptions.

Remember: That's why there's emphasis on keyword research for law firms. You need to make sure you're optimizing your content for relevant keywords, and that you're delivering content according to user intent.

2. Fresh Content

Bing themselves claims that their algorithm favors up-to-date information. "Fresh" content generally does well in the rankings. Although, it should be noted that not all fresh content maintains its relevance several years after being published or indexed.

In some cases, relevant content today can still be valuable years on. However, in other circumstances, content created today will shortly become outdated.

Remember: Consider creating "evergreen" or timeless content. This should make sure your content stays relevant, and your rankings don't drop with time. This is also one of the most crucial Lawyer SEO that any SEO practitioner should apply.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are still vital for Bing SEO for law firms, despite Bing placing less emphasis on them than Google.

Sites with more backlinks appear to still rank higher in Bing, but the quality of those backlinks, rather than the quantity, is held with more importance. Bing even has a link explorer tool that may help you figure out how valuable the links on any given page are.

On another note, rather than indexing everything on a domain (as Google is known to do), Bing deliberately eliminates pages from its index if they are considered to lack sufficient link authority or value.

This usually indicates that pages must have at least one external link pointing to them to stay in Bing's index. If you overlook this vital Bing ranking aspect, your law firm's ranking will be affected.

4. Location

The location of a searcher can have an impact on how a page is ranked.

Bing takes into account the user's location, the website's hosting location, the document's language, and the location of other visitors to the page.

This is especially significant with law firms, as their clients usually come from the state they practice in, and therefore locations can be crucial to who they want to come across their website. So keep these in mind when you're optimizing your law firm's website for Local SEO.

Remember: Implementing Local SEO for law firms is crucial for any law firm marketing strategy.

Since Lawyer SEO marketing prioritizes getting the most relevant content that'll answer the user's questions and concerns, local optimizations make sure they're getting content that's most relevant to them. In this case, they'll want to read about legal content about their own state laws.

If you need more help on optimizing for local searches, there are several local SEO services for law firms to help you with local keywords, marketing, and GMB management.

5. User Experience

As mentioned before, how users interact with your website can affect your rankings. How users experience your website can also directly contribute to that. Hence, why user experience (UX) is a ranking factor.

When your text is hard to read, loading times are slow, and your links lead to error pages, users might get frustrated. They might leave from the moment they see a poorly chosen font for otherwise well-written content.

Remember: SEO for law firms is competitive, even on Bing. If users get frustrated by your site design, they will close the tab and find another site to get the content they need.

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Important Caveats

While there are bullet points for ranking factors on Bing, don't forget that the ranking criterion can affect one another.

For Example:

  • You might have fresh content now, but that doesn't mean it's evergreen content that can stand the test of time.

  • You might have a good user experience design, but don't optimize your keywords.

The newly updated Webmaster Guidelines from Bing explains how their search engine ranks their search results. Check back on these guidelines regularly for any additional updates. After all, Lawyer SEO marketing continues to evolve with changing trends and algorithm updates, so make sure you're keeping up.

What Can LawyerLeadMachine Do For You?

Lawyer SEO can bring traffic to your law firm's website and pull you ahead of the competition. Traffic can come from anywhere, but you can boost them through several facets, like different optimizing for different search engines.

LLM provides SEO optimizations, content marketing, and local SEO services for law firms. To get started on your SEO strategy, review your options here.


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