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How To Boost Your Massachusetts Law Firm's Local SEO

6 Vital Local Lawyer SEO Tips To Improve Lead Generation

Local SEO is vital for law firm marketing. Since most of your potential clients will come from your locale, you need to build a presence in the local SERPs. Additionally, local SERPs are less competitive than general or global ones, so it's easier to rank for strategic keywords.

So, how do you start building a presence in Massachusetts searches? Let's discuss:

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1. Optimizing Your Massachusetts Google My Business Profile

When you conduct a local search, Google My Business listings are typically among the top outcomes. These listings provide a quick summary of your business on the SERP, with details like your office address, operating hours, Google rating, and so on. Clicking on the individual listing will bring up more information, such as reviews, images, directions, and a link to your website.

If you want your Google My Business listing to rank higher in local searches, you must submit accurate, complete, and valuable information. First, ensure your legal firm's phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation are up to date.

Additionally, important ranking factors include your star rating and the number of reviews on your Google My Business page. Further, you should solicit evaluations from customers and maintain existing reviews.

2. Acquire And Manage Google Reviews

Reviews are, as was already said, one of the most crucial ranking elements for Google My Business. Additionally, these are essential ranking factors for other local listing websites, like Yelp, where your Massachusetts law firm may be featured.

Here are a few ways to get more and manage reviews:

  • Clients are informed and instructed on how to write evaluations.

  • Continually monitor your reviews.

  • Respond truthfully and promptly to each review.

  • You may post a few favorable testimonials on your website with the client's permission.

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3. Maintain Consistent NAPs

Your Massachusetts law firm's NAPs (Name, Address, and Phone Number) are crucial for local search results rankings. This is because Google will check your website and other online listings to make sure you are an authentic company by cross-referencing your legal firm name, the addresses of your multiple locations, and the phone numbers of those locations.

To help with NAP consistency on your law firm website, consider adding your law firm's name, address, and phone number as schema markups to your pages.

Remember, consistent NAPs are a crucial aspect of law firm digital marketing in general. Whether you're running a social media profile, email drip, or legal blog, keeping it consistent is key to avoiding confusion and generating more leads.

4. Get Local Backlinks For Your Massachusetts Law Firms

Google will view law firm websites with backlinks from high-authority domains as more reliable. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your own law firm website's authority will be. By raising your domain authority, your rankings improve.

When creating a local link-building plan, consider how you can get backlinks from reliable local sources. Some examples are local business directories, local news and media sites, local blogs, etc.

5. Optimize For Mobile Users

Mobile site speed is considered when evaluating rankings across all search engines. However, for Massachusetts local SEO, the stakes for mobile optimization are incredibly high. This is because the people who live or are based in your area are most likely to need your law firm.

Using the following tips, you can make your mobile site load more quickly:

  • Utilize Google's mobile-friendliness checker to assess your website

  • Make your pop-ups mobile-friendly

  • Your images can load more quickly if you reduce their size or compress them.

  • Implement browser caching

  • Reduce the number of redirects

  • Get rid of 404 errors and bad requests

  • Reduce the number of plugins you use

Remember, Lawyer SEO benefits from mobile-friendliness in general. After all, many audiences will be on their phones when exploring the internet, so ensuring your website can handle smaller touch screens is a must.

6. Audit Your Massachusetts Local SEO Strategy

Measure, test, and improve. You must regularly add new elements to your law firm website and assess their efficacy. Additionally, you should continually evaluate and change the website traffic that local SEO is delivering you.

Keep in mind that lawyer SEO has many moving components that can be adjusted and refined for better ROI. You can determine the advantages and disadvantages of the current implementation of your Massachusetts lawyer SEO plan by auditing it. This will help you decide what to keep doing and what has to be changed.

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