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Legal Marketing Services in Massachusetts Law Firms

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Find the Top Legal Marketing and Lawyer SEO Agency for law firms in Massachusetts

Getting new clients requires becoming visible among Massachusetts's experienced lawyers. After all, the legal profession is a competitive one, and you'll need to stand out to keep getting new cases.

Thanks to technological advancements, we now have access to digital marketing. Digital marketing, unlike many offline marketing tactics such as directory listings, TV advertisements, and fliers, is more affordable for law offices of all sizes. Furthermore, millions of individuals utilize the internet for a variety of reasons, so you can be confident that your marketing will reach a viable audience.

So, what are your options? Here are a few lawyer marketing methods and Lawyer SEO strategies we employ for your Massachusetts law firm website:

law firm marketing services massachusetts

1. Create a Website for Your Law Firm

Consider websites to be business cards. All focus and traffic from your digital marketing activities will be directed here. Every blog post, social media post, piece of information, and advertisement should point people to your website.

Everything you do for law firm marketing in Massachusetts should point back to your website, which will feature all of your legal firm's information, including content, contact information, and landing pages.

2. Produce Excellent Content

Lawyer SEO is all about the content. As a result, every piece of content you create has the potential to rank in the SERPs, attract new audiences, and increase conversions.

Legal blogging is one of the most prevalent ways to generate content. You'll be able to increase traffic and draw fresh eyes to your legal blog if you continuously study, compose, and upload high-quality content.

law firm marketing services massachusetts

3. Improve Keywords

You want to be found for relevant keywords. This is how you maintain your traffic and visibility.

You want your pages to rank well in SERPs with a lot of traffic. Of course, you don't have to target highly competitive generic keywords all of the time. Nonetheless, you must be present where your target audience is.

A keyword tool can assist you in identifying and sorting high-traffic keywords. Google Ads' Keyword Planner is a free but valuable tool for finding strong competitive keywords if you're just getting started.

4. Use Local SEO Techniques

Because law firms rely on local clientele, you should focus on long-tail keywords relating to the state where you're based.

For example, "Personal Injury Lawyer" competes with every page with the same keywords worldwide, with a large amount of that traffic coming from people who are unlikely to become clients. On the other hand, keywords like "personal injury attorney Massachusetts" and "Massachusetts personal injury attorney," can draw in new clients much easier to convert.

Keywords are incredibly competitive in general. Getting top rankings can be challenging if you're a small firm or new to Lawyer SEO. Long-tail keywords are sometimes the most strategic choice, depending on your goal.

5. Create a Google My Business Account

GMB management is an integral part of adopting Local SEO. Having a GMB profile will make you visible in business or firm listings in the SERPs.

Every company, firm, and office now needs to be listed in practice. This allows for visibility and other Google My Business features like navigation and data entry. If you don't have one, you're already behind the competition.

law firm marketing massachusetts

Consult To The Best Massachusetts Law Firms Experts at LawyerLeadMachine!

LLM is a digital marketing agency that provides law firm marketing services in Massachusetts and other states.

Experienced in the unique aspects of lawyer marketing and lead generation since 2005, we focus on law firm marketing and Lawyer SEO services in Massachusetts law firms. Our services include:

  • Boosting organic traffic through website optimization.

  • Improving lead generation through content creation.

  • Increasing local search visibility through GMB management and local SEO strategies.

If you're a lawyer who owns or represents a law firm in Massachusetts, contact us for our All-Inclusive Law Firm Marketing Plans. We help Massachusetts law firms and individual attorneys acquire new clients by positioning their law firm websites online in the appropriate location, at the proper time, and with the proper message.

Do you have law firm branches in other States? Learn how we can help.


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