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4 Content Ideas For Lawyers On YouTube

Updated: May 8, 2022

Easy Video Content Ideas For Your Law Firm's Video Marketing Strategy

Once you set out to implement YouTube Marketing into your Lawyer SEO strategy, you need to consistently come out with high-quality video content. To stay consistent, you need to have a long list of quick and engaging ideas.

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Why Should You Be Consistent?

The general rule for content marketing is that you have to be consistent. This consistency is favored by YouTube's algorithm, and can help you get your video content recommended.

Subscribers also anticipate new content. The longer it takes for you to upload content on YouTube the more you risk people losing interest.

Of course, YouTube isn't your full time job. You should be dedicating most of your time on your legal practice. So treat Youtube marketing like any other Law Firm Marketing strategy. It's a way to put your name and law firm out there, as well as a long term strategy to boost your Lawyer SEO.

However, there are only so many ideas you can exhaust before you run out. Worse, things can get repetitive. Below are a few ideas you can add to your list of future YouTube content.

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1. Convert Your Blog Posts Into Video Essays

If you're running a legal blog for content marketing, you might already be sticking to basic Lawyer SEO rules—this means that your blogs are original, informative, and concise. You're probably already using great headings, keywords, and titles.

What you can do with the material you already have is to simply write a script based on them.

Some adjustments have to be made, of course, but it'll take you less time than if you were starting from scratch. Bulleted points and shorter sentences also come in handy.

As a suggestion, you can write your scripts like an abridged version of your blogs. That way, you can point people to your website for more detailed information on the topics featured in your videos.

2. Answer Popular FAQs

Asking your audience for their thoughts and opinions would be an excellent way to encourage engagement. Another way to do this would be to ask them to leave you law-related questions.

Ask your audience to leave you questions in the comment section (or on other social media platforms), compile them, and answer them in the next videos. You can even include a few out-of-box questions to keep things interesting. Doing so would give your audience more incentive to interact with your content.

FAQs are also great for general Lawyer SEO since the more conversational (question-type) keywords are getting more popular with Voice Search.

3. Share And Explain Legal News

A great way to boost your relevance would be to report on legal news. However, you shouldn't just report on the stories by writing the details into a script.

Instead, you should leverage your professional practice by presenting them through legal perspectives. This would give you an advantage against the millions of news articles talking about the same story.

Another suggestion we have is to deliver and word the news in the most concise and digestible version you can make it. Remember, your audience isn't going to be comprised of just lawyers and law students. Some of them might not actually be that knowledgeable of the law, and likely came to your channel to know more about it.

When you adjust your language and presentation to cater to the average person, you're expanding your audience demographic. Using too many complicated terms and legalese might even confuse the uninitiated.

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4. Make A Video Series

A video series is a great way to divide very nuanced legal topics into fast and digestible content. That way, you don't end up with an hour-long video discussing every detail of a specific legal topic.

For Example:

There are many issues under Employment Law, and perhaps too many to concisely present on a single video. So instead of rushing through the entire topic, refer your audience to a playlist.

This playlist can include videos discussing different subtopics, like Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, Workers' Comp, and Discrimination.

Besides keeping your content organized and concise, a video series can also encourage users to subscribe to your channel. In addition, announcing an ongoing series promises more related content, so interested audiences who anticipate them likely want to be alerted to them.

How Can LawyerLeadMachine Help You?

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If you want to improve your Attorney SEO, LawyerLeadMachine can help you with content production and website automation. Review your options here.


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