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3 Customer Research Methods In Law Firm Marketing

Updated: May 4, 2022

An Introduction To Customer Research For Lawyer Marketing

Clients are ultimately one of the most important factors in law firm marketing. You create content they find valuable, make your website accessible for them, and make sure you're attending to their legal needs. Thus, it's important to receive feedback from your target market.

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Customer research is the process of determining a target client's preferences, motives, and purchasing habits. Shared features among distinct customer groups are found and categorized into customer segments and buyer personas, which are then utilized to construct marketing strategies using a range of customer research approaches.

For Law Firms, customer research is essential for enhancing your services and the content you create. When it comes to helping your firm continuously increase revenue year after year, interviews, surveys, and other customer research methods let you know how to improve your Lawyer SEO.

Why Should You Conduct Customer Research?

Though you're implementing several marketing tactics and Lawyer SEO strategies to get your name out there, all of that would be useless without customer satisfaction. If your clients have a bad experience, leave negative reviews, and aren't satisfied with the services you provide, all that effort to generate leads would be for naught.

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Do they think your content is useful? Are your legal blogs easy to understand? Is the font you're using hard to read? Is it difficult to contact your office?

Remember: Pages that can offer exactly what the user is looking for rank higher than those that don't.

How Can You Conduct Customer Research?

There a many ways law firms can do customer research without it getting in the way of their professional practice. Below are three of the most common (and easiest) methods law firms can do for customer research.

1. Interviews

It can take a long time to interview customers who are at different stages of their relationship with you as their lawyer. Even though conducting interviews might be difficult, they can also be one of the most beneficial customer research strategies your firm can use.

Interviews provide a deep understanding of the customer's thoughts, revealing highly particular data about their needs and motivations as clients of your law firm.

Remember: You can always start small, with 3-5 questions after a successful case or a regular consultation. These interviews can be a little informal, the most important factor being the feedback.

2. Surveys

Surveys are perhaps the most widely used method, and for a good reason.

They don't always provide the same amount of information as interviews, but because of their simplicity, they're far easier to persuade clients to provide feedback.

Surveys can be done in a variety of ways (with varying degrees of success), but in general, survey response rates are substantially greater than interview response rates. The respondent can read and answer questions unattended, or it can be conducted by someone who records their responses.

Remember: You put surveys in email newsletters, landing pages, and social media posts. You can also have a printed copy in your law firm's office for easy distribution.

3. Analytics

Interviews and surveys are not the same as using analytics for customer research. Analytics focuses on customer behavior rather than what the customer thinks they want or need.

This is a type of observational research in which actual conduct is measured rather than customer-reported activity.

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It's fantastic to know what a consumer wants, but they may not even realize what they want or why they want it, which is why it's critical to track their behavior and make changes that provide tangible results.

Remember: You can either observe client behavior as you work with them or use SEO tools to monitor traffic and conversions. You observe stats on your landing pages and see which clients respond the most.

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