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Do Google Ads Work For Law Firms?

An Intro To Google Ads For Lawyers

While you're building a sustainable law firm marketing strategy for long-term gains, getting a quick increase in traffic and exposure might be a great way to speed up the ROI. Of course, you'll still need a consistent Lawyer SEO strategy to generate leads and convert them to law firm clients, but a little boost here and there helps.

So, if you're considering Google Ads as part of your law firm marketing strategy, let's discuss PPC for attorneys, how it's done, and how it helps your overall lead generation process.

google adwords for lawyers

Defining PPC Marketing for Lawyers

PPC, or pay-per-click, is an online advertising approach in which advertisers publish ads on platforms like Google Ads and are charged a fee for each click. So, for example, when you make a Google search, you'll notice a few adverts at the top of the results page.

PPC is a method of generating traffic, sales, or inquiries from a specific market. Standard PPC systems give you many targeting options, allowing you to show ads just to those who fit your target demographic.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) for law firms is an example of a PPC ad opportunity. You get to post advertisements from the top of the search of chosen keywords.

pay-per-click advertising for attorneys

How Is Lawyer Pay-Per-Click Marketing Different From My Lawyer SEO Strategy?

As opposed to Lawyer SEO, PPC advertising might yield more immediate results. However, it would help if you didn't rely solely on PPC ads for traffic and promotion. Instead, Lawyer SEO and PPC ads should complement each other.

After all, people might find your website through PPC ads, but you must entice them to stick around by optimizing your website. Conversely, a poorly-designed and unoptimized website will only get high bounce rates from PPC Ads.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Attorneys Work?

PPC for attorneys is a marketing option given by various ad platforms, with Google Ads being the most popular. For newcomers, Google Ads can reach the largest number of people.

The method for purchasing PPC for attorneys is generally the same, regardless of the platform you wish to place your ads on.

The following are some steps you may need to take:

  • Create an account

  • Create your ads

  • Decide how much you're willing to spend for each click

  • Your ad is entered into an auction with other advertisers (this is often categorized by your target keywords)

  • The order in which the adverts appear is determined by the auction results

  • You get charged when someone clicks on your ad.

Note that you need to make crucial decisions before entering an auction. The most important is deciding which keywords you want to rank for, as your PPC ad will appear at the top of its SERPs. So, if you're looking for personal injury leads, you need to research the best keywords for personal injury lawyers before coming into an auction.

What Are The Benefits Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Attorneys

For various reasons, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a popular marketing strategy. While not all law firm digital marketers have the same purpose, trying out Google AdWords for lawyers offers several advantages that are sure to match most law firm marketing objectives:

Benefit 1: You Get Clicks Right Away

After setting up your ad, you'll have to wait for the platform to approve it, which should take a few hours.

After your advertisements are live, you can start showing up in people's SERPs (and earning clicks). So PPC for Attorneys provides more immediate benefits for your law practice than Lawyer SEO.

Benefit 2: Data Auditing And Tacking Is Easy

One of Lawyer Pay-Per-Click marketing's most significant advantages over traditional advertising platforms is that you'll be able to evaluate and measure the platform's results right away.

Conversions, including order or lead values, may be tracked by Google Ads. They also let you track the overall account's ROI and the ROI of specific ad groups and keywords. This means you can use data and insights to improve the strategy's efficiency and usefulness over time, increasing its ROI.

Benefit 3: You Have Complete Control Over How Your Advertisements Are Displayed

You have complete control over when and how your ads look (including the time of day and week they appear), and you can switch them on and off whenever you choose.

In addition, unlike other tactics that don't provide you with this level of control over cost and budget, you can decide how much you spend each day (or month) and how much you pay per click.

Benefit 4: Improve Your Reach to Your Target Audience

Unlike other kinds of advertising, PPC marketing for lawyers allows you to target a specific client based on your data, with bids modified for devices, time of day, and region.

You may utilize this information to save money on advertising if you know your clientele and how they search.

lawyer pay per click marketing

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While you're making great Google ads to get people clicking, keep maintaining your Lawyer SEO to get them to stick around. Check out our Attorney SEO blog or free Lawyer SEO Guides to know more about SEO.

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