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10 Tips On Email Marketing For Law Firms

Updated: May 10, 2022

How To Implement An Email Marketing Campaign For Lawyer Lead Generation

If you've gotten emails from brands and companies before, you've already seen part of their email marketing campaign. Even if you ignored the email and never opened it, you are at least reminded of the brand. So imagine what else could've happened if you did.

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Email marketing for law firms entails sending emails to current, previous, and future clients. Your email list will be made up of the email addresses you acquire from them. Clients, prospects, and even other businesses you deal with will remember your law firm. Even if they don't open the message, they will see your name when you email them.

Many legal firms use email marketing to send out newsletters, but it may also be used to keep customers up to speed on their cases. When updates to a client's case are made, law firms using drip campaigns can automatically notify them via email. You can also set up an email timetable to check in with clients during their cases.

On top of all that, email marketing is a cost-effective way of extending your communications with site visitors even after they leave your domain.

You don't have to send out physical brochures and magazines. You just need a well-composed and designed template and good content to keep them interested in your law firm.

So, how do you get clients to click on your emails, and how do you maximize your campaign's lead generation? What makes it one of the best law firm marketing strategies around? Here's a list of tips:

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1. Make Valuable Content

Sending out thousands of emails per month might seem like a good idea. After all, some people will click on it if you're persistent enough, right?

However, there's a point where it becomes annoying. If you only send strictly promotional emails asking prospects to set up an appointment, you will be more likely to get ignored. As per the rules of content marketing for lawyers, give your subscribers something valuable, and they will associate it with your firm.

2. Write For Your Target Audience

When someone subscribes to your email list for more content, it means that they like the content you already make. If you run a Personal Injury blog, they're likely expecting more related content.

Remember: As per law firm content marketing best practices, you want to make sure you attract the right audience. Your content needs to be valuable to them in some way, and hence, it should be relevant to their interests.

That said, don't suddenly write lawyer marketing emails when you know your subscribers are primarily non-lawyers looking to learn the basics of Personal Injury laws. Doing so will most likely get your emails ignored.

3. Personalize Your Emails

How frequently do you get generic emails that aren't personalized for you? Do you read them on a regular basis?

As a general rule for email marketing for attorneys and law firms, it's important that you're clients know you're not just out there strictly for business purposes.

Making clients feel appreciated is the key to capturing their attention, and it's easy to do. With most email software, you may personalize names, the subject line, and even parts of the body content.

4. Think About Your Subject Line

Your email will not be opened if the subject line is not interesting enough. As a result, this single, short phrase must persuade readers that your message is valuable and pertinent to them.

Make an offer or provide relevant information. Keep things simple. Avoid using subject words that are considered "spam triggers" or "clickbait" at all costs.

5. Get To The Point

As a lawyer, you're probably used to receiving lengthy emails from your colleagues, but your clients aren't. The majority of them don't have the time to read a 10,000-word exposition on new laws.

To emphasize crucial points and keep paragraphs short, use bullet lists. Your emails should pique people's curiosity while still getting right to the point.

6. Write Simple And Understandable CTAs

Your call to action (CTA) should be unique, clear, and straightforward. Make it easy for people to respond to your email by not making it hard to understand or do.

Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Compose brief CTAs

  • Use hyperlinks instead of just telling your subscribers to open another page

  • Use attractive buttons that are easier to find

  • Put your CTAs near the beginning of your email

Our law firm digital marketing agency always emphasizes the important of CTAs. It guides people towards the next step, not just giving them content they don't know what to do with.

7. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Emails, like websites, must be mobile-friendly as well. How often have you gotten an email with text and graphics that are too small or too big for your mobile device?

More and more people use their phones to check their emails, so it's not a good idea to include large, slow-loading photos in them. On the other hand, images are excellent attention grabbers, but they must have a small or compressed file size.

In lawyer digital marketing, mobile-friendliness is a must. Whether it's your website, emails, or social media posts, making sure your content can be consumed and interacted with on a variety of devices is now a digital marketing standard.

8. Use Fewer Links

This relates to the spam problem. Overuse of links is often mistaken for spam by email filters. Aside from that, you can encourage sharing and attract new clients by including links to your website or social media accounts. Don't go overboard, though.

Our law firm SEO agency suggests that you only link to important pages and CTAs, preferably ones highly-relevant to the content of your email.

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9. Follow-Up

If a recipient does respond, you should follow them up immediately. This means that your cold call has been converted into a hot lead, so don't let it get cold again. If it takes you longer than a day, you are unlikely to be entertained.

10. Audit Your Email Marketing Campaign

A/B testing and monitoring go hand in hand. Open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, and bounces are essential stats you should be wary of.

Auditing is a simple way to know what's working, what isn't, and what you need to improve.

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