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How To Get A Google Review For Your Law Firm

Updated: May 11, 2022

How To Ask Your Clients For Google Reviews

Reviews are a form of social proof. Good reviews from previous clients, can sway potential clients who might be on the fence about hiring your law firm. People often trust reviews more because it's coming from other clients' previous experiences and not from the law firm itself. After all, no law firm marketing strategy would ever openly state that they aren't a good firm, right?

That said, you can't write or create law firm reviews yourself. Your clients need to willingly give their time and energy to write you a review. Not to mention, people don't have to write reviews. So, how do you compel or encourage clients to write them?

Here's a list of how you can generate reviews from clients:

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1. Ask You Clients For Reviews

This is the most straightforward way of getting reviews. While you're wrapping up your client's case, politely ask them to write your law firm reviews.

In most cases, a simple nudge or reminder will be enough for clients to be convinced. As long as you're not overdoing it, most clients will be more than willing to write a sentence or two in your Google Reviews.

2. Send Them Links

Some clients don't leave reviews because they believe it is too much work. Someone unfamiliar with Google Reviews or who doesn't have the time to dig around and find the right pages will find the task too bothersome.

Fortunately, Google lets you create a short link that takes users straight to your review page. Because it is more convenient for them, you may be able to persuade them to submit one for your law firm.

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3. Add Review Links To Your Website

Speaking of links, you can use your Google Reviews links wherever you want. For example, you can post your review link to your website to encourage more people to leave you reviews.

Using it as a hyperlink to an eye-catching image is an excellent way to do so. It attracts more attention than a naked link, and you can emphasize it even more by allowing it to take up more space on your pages.

4. Do Follow-Up Reminders

Don't be afraid to follow up with your clients. You could, for example, send them a congratulatory email following a successful case. Then you can respectfully ask them to leave a review for you.

Better yet, use the automatically produced review link to make it easier for them to find a review page.

If you have an email list or are currently running a legal newsletter, a simple button or link with a catchy CTA can be incorporated into the email.

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5. Use Compelling CTAs (Calls To Action)

In general, CTAs are beneficial to Lawyer SEO and law firm marketing. They're simple, encouraging messages that persuade users to do a specific action. They can be applied to almost everything. For example, you can use CTAs to entice or encourage users to sign up for email newsletters, email lists, or submit their information for a free case review.

In the case of getting clients to write reviews, you can start including CTAs in emails, follow-ups, and landing sites. You can also use CTAs in website pop-ups and hyperlinked images.

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