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How To Get More Positive Reviews For Law Firms

Updated: May 11, 2022

Why You Need Positive Reviews And How To Get Them

No one wants a bad review. It also goes without saying that law firms don't actively strive for bad reviews. However, even when you try your hardest to give clients the best possible experience with your law firm, you'll still get negative reviews. Why does this happen?

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Each client experiences your services differently. For example, you could be an objectively good lawyer. Still, the client might not like how you communicate, strategize, or guide them to the legal process. All these factors can affect client reviews.

That said, sometimes, there are things you don't really think about but are influencing how your clients feel about your law firm.

Why Do Reviews Matter?

Reviews are great social proof. Prospective clients can look up reviews from other people and find proof that your law firm is a legitimate one. This shows people who you are, what you do, how well you work, and how past clients feel about you.

Reviews are generally good for Lawyer SEO. The more high-reviewed your firm is, the more clients trust you. The more reviews you have in general, the more proof you have as a legitimate and practicing law firm.

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That said, if your Google Reviews are filled with one-star ratings and scathing reviews, it might make people avoid clicking to your website at all. While not a ranking factor, reviews can definitely affect traffic on your law firm's website.

How To Make Sure You Have Good Reviews

It's a given that you should be doing your job to the best of your abilities. However, there are other things you might want to consider to get more positive reviews:

1. Update Your Client Frequently

Clients come to you because they trust you. They also come to you, a practicing attorney, because they're aware you know more about the law than they do.

That said, it is understandable for clients to feel anxious about their cases. Unlike you, an experienced attorney, they might not know what to expect.

They'll want to know what's going on. Have you sent demand letters? When do you expect the defendant to respond? When is your first court hearing?

Remember: So you don't forget, you can automate your updates by hiring a customer service agent or scheduling your emails. You can set calendar reminders, so you don't forget to update them.

For the most part, you should be sending them updates even when they aren't directly asking you for it. For example, some clients hesitate to send their lawyers emails, but they still expect to be informed of how things are going.

2. Deliver Good Customer Service

As said, you're the legal expert here.

So, when a client has questions, you should be prepared to answer them. What is a pretrial? Do they have to go to court for personal injury claims? Can they sue their boss right now, or do they have to wait for the EEOC to give you a "go" signal?

Remember: The more your client knows what's going on, the better clients they'll be. They could supply you with evidence, tips, and other relevant information regarding their case.

You can also schedule regular meetings with your clients to go over your progress together. If they have any questions, or if they need any assurances, you can answer them then.

You should also consider how your client might feel.

For example, if they're having a difficult time because of a divorce or a recent injury, you should choose your words carefully. Try not to come off like you're putting pressure on them, then give reassurances when they're getting unnecessarily worried about something.

In some cases, clients will be working with you for months, so you should make sure you have a good relationship with them.

3. Respond To Reviews

If your prospects think you're paying attention, you're more likely to acquire evaluations and feedback. That said, it's typically advised that you respond to all of the reviews you receive.
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Responding to reviews shows customers that you value their opinions, encouraging them to offer more thorough, high-quality testimonials. The combination of social proof and Lawyer SEO can help you reach a lot more local customers.

Remember: Google actually encourages businesses in Google My Business listings to respond to reviews.

A public response to a bad review, combined with some private customer service, can help you improve your online reputation even more.

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