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How To Stay Competitive In The Legal Market

Updated: May 11, 2022

4 Actionable Tips For Sustainable Law Firm Marketing

You know you're a great lawyer. However, the legal market is a competitive industry. And, without proper marketing, you won't be able to practice your profession as much as you want.

Law firms compete for clients. Unfortunately, the bigger and more established firms often get the most clients. However, that doesn't mean smaller or less popular firms can't compete—they just need to get their names out there.

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1. Build A Brand

Branding is an essential part of marketing. With all competition you're facing, you need to stand out.

That said, branding is comprised of several factors. How you decide to brand yourself should dictate how you market your firm. Your branding should be reflected in your logo, site design, social media presence, tone, and content.

For example, if you want to brand yourself as an aggressive, professional criminal defense lawyer, your social media posts, color schemes, and blog topics should reflect that. Even your tone, phrasing, and delivery should also reflect that determined working style.

So, decide how you want to brand yourself. Are you a compassionate women's rights law firm? Are you an understanding family law attorney? Or are you a fearless personal injury lawyer willing to go up against huge companies?

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2. Invest In Digital Marketing

Back then, the most you could do to build your reputation was through client referrals, yellow pages, and maybe some fliers. Some law firms pay for TV ads. However, most of these paid marketing mediums can cost a lot of money and don't offer you much control over who sees your ads.

These days, there's a new place to market yourself: online.

Not only are online strategies bolstered by how widely used the internet has become, but it's also accessible to small and big firms alike. Depending on your marketing budget, there will be marketing options for your law firm.

You can do many of these digital law firm marketing strategies on your own, like Lawyer SEO, legal blogging, and social media marketing. There are free Lawyer SEO guides, tools, and auditing programs for your needs. If you wish to upgrade your strategy, there are a lot of law firm marketing services and paid tools to help boost your ROI.

If you want some immediate boosts, you can try PPC ads. They're more targeted than your regular fliers, allowing you to show your ads to a specific target audience.

The first step to staying in the digital marketing game is to build a great website. On the internet, your law firm's website is essentially your calling card where people can go and discover who you are, what you do, and the content you produce.

3. Market To Local Audiences

Local SEO is a must for most firms. Sure, it's great that people around the world know who you are, but a lot of those people aren't likely to become your clients. Instead, your most likely clients are going to be ones who live in your state (or anywhere you're licensed in)—both because state laws differ and people prefer going to law firms that are most accessible to them.

If you look up the law firm's on Google, you'll most likely get the results filled with listings of law firms in your area. This is because Google uses more data than just keywords and caters to their users by giving them the most relevant results.

So, don't forget to incorporate Local SEO, update your NAPs (name, address, and phone number), and use local keywords in your blogs and social media.

4. Work To Become An Industry Authority

People tend to choose law firms based on reputation. This is why more established firms get the most clients—they've marketed and established themselves as the leading law firm. Becoming an industry authority means you're the first thing people think about whenever they have a legal problem.

Building authority also means building people's trust. If you have a solid brand, write informative legal blogs, and display skill and knowledge well, people will be more likely to trust you with their legal problems.
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The most common way law firms can build their authority is through content marketing. One way to do so is to write high-quality legal content that can help and be valuable to audiences. For example, if you create legal guides, law-related articles, and legal tips, you'll start building a reputation as a reliable source for people's legal questions.

Remember: Content marketing aims to attract people through your high-quality content. Instead of using ads to invite people to work with you, content marketing builds trust, brand awareness, and, yes, authority.

Once you become a well-known authority, you will be the first people think about whenever they think about hiring a law firm.

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