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5 Instagram Content Ideas For Law Firms in 2022

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Effective Instagram Content For Law Firm Marketing

If you've read up on Lawyer SEO and content marketing for lawyers before, you might be used to writing legal blogs. Legal blogs can be long, bulleted, and embedded with videos and images—as opposed to social media platforms (like Instagram), where most of the content is limited in character counts and HTML capabilities.

However, you still need to post content to market your firm on social media. So, how do you make SEO-friendly content on more limited platforms?

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Surprisingly, a lot of businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool. And yes, they're still able to create and post content that can be valuable to their followers.

It takes some time and effort to use Instagram Marketing effectively. However, when done right, a law firm's Instagram account can help them build a reputation, attract new site visitors, increase conversions, and build a following.

Below are a few types of Instagram content and platform features that you can create for social media marketing for lawyers.

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1. Infographics

Instagram centers its entire platform on images. This also means that the types of content your law firm produces are mostly going to be images.

Making concise and visually appealing infographics is a fantastic way to do this. Since this is Instagram, most infographics are posted in the platform's signature square crop.

Unlike the vertical infographics you might be used to, most of those on Instagram are divided into multiple images, all grouped in one post. Most accounts treat Instagram infographics like brochures, where multiple pages discuss the topic.

2. Short Videos

You can post one-minute videos on Instagram, which could be great for short-form content. However, instead of the usual 10-minute Youtube video, Instagram videos should be more concise.

For Example:

Because you only have a minute, try doing a quick FAQ on labor laws and personal injury cases. Forget entire paragraphs of exhaustive information; go for 5-10 sentences that get the point across.

3. Don't Forget Your Captions

Instagram captions have a limit of 2,200 characters, but there's a lot you can say. You can write descriptions of your infographics, quick law-related news, legal trivia, and calls-to-action (CTAs).

Remember: hashtags are also the easiest way for people to find your content. The search function on Instagram mostly focuses on hashtags, topics, and usernames, so if you have important keywords on your captions, try checking for relevant hashtags.

So be on the lookout for the most popular lawyer-related hashtags and use them. You can either use tools or simply start typing terms like "lawyer", "attorney","personal injury", "labor lawyer", and so on. The search bar itself can provide you with recommendations—including the number of posts that use the same hashtags.

4. Stories

While your followers are the ones who get updates on your Stories, they are still visible to everyone who comes across your account. They have a 24-hour expiration date, but you may keep them on your page indefinitely by adding them to your Highlights.

You can also organize your Highlights into folders. For example, you can make separate folders for your practice areas, FAQs, event announcements, links, etc.

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5. Story Widgets

You may also use Instagram Stories to share interesting gifs and widgets. Here are a few that can be useful for your law firm's Instagram Marketing strategy:

  • The poll widget. This widget can be incorporated into your Stories, and allows anyone who sees your post to vote between two choices. Those who participate can see the results in percentages once they choose their answer.

  • Q&A widget. This allows your followers (and viewers of your posts) to send questions through a simple form. Your responses can be posted as additional Stories.

  • "Swipe Up" Links. You can redirect users to a set link from your Stories with a swipe gesture. These are similar to blog hyperlinks, and you can use them to direct traffic to your website.

Want To Have The Best & High-Quality Instagram Content for Your Law Firm Profile?

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