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5 Landing Page Mistakes In Law Firm Websites

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Law Firm Landing Pages: What You Might Be Doing Wrong And Why Fix It Now

Landing pages are centered around conversation. In short, they're there to get users to take action. They're usually filled with CTAs that urge site visitors to subscribe to your email lists, read your blog, or set an appointment. Optimizing your landing pages is what your Lawyer SEO marketing is for—get more clients for your law firm.

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That said, for landing pages to have high conversion right, you'll have to make sure they're well-optimized. Below are a few of the most common mistakes that can affect lead generation and conversions.

1. Bad User Experience

Other than your homepage, your landing pages are likely to get the most links and traffic among your other pages. This is where you redirect users from your blogs, social media, and off-page mentions.

So if they're hard to read, buggy, and slow, it might frustrate site visitors. They might leave the page or close the tab on your site altogether.

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2. Irrelevant And Unnecessary Images

Stock images are great for when you're publishing a consistent stream of content. However, you shouldn't use random images that don't help drive or visualize your point to the reader.

This is especially crucial for landing pages. When they're on a landing page, users are often asked to make a decision. Do they heed your Call-To-Action (CTA) or not? Do they subscribe to your email lists? Do they enter their contact information to submit themselves to an online case review?

Remember: You have to make your landing pages as enticing as possible. You have to make sure that the design, images, and texts you use on them don't turn people off.

3. Unclear CTAs

You want your landing page to persuade the site visitor to proceed to the next step. However, you should be able to properly instruct and encourage them on what they should do next. An unclear CTA might be confusing, and you might lose some great leads because you weren't specific on the process they need to go through.

Remember: CTAs aren't just words of encouragement. It's used to convince or sell them on a service or subscription. So, your CTAs should also be able to tell the client the possible incentives they'll get from doing what you prompted them to do.

Customers may require encouragement to take the next step, but it's also important to make them feel like they're deciding for themselves. Make sure you don't come out as aggressive. Retaining clear instructions is vital to maintaining user satisfaction.

4. Too Much Is Going On

Beginners tend to forget that landing pages should only have one specific goal—whether that goal is what directly gets your law firm new scheduled appointments or to convince site visitors to stay in touch with you through email lists.

When you give visitors too many choices, they will often choose none. If there are too many links and buttons, it might distract from the goal of that specific landing page. So if you're not sure about your offer, it's time to come up with something better.

5. Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

With nearly everyone using a mobile phone to access the internet, optimizing for mobile searches has now become a necessary step in Lawyer SEO. Neglecting this can be a simple mistake to make, but it can have disastrous consequences for your conversion rates.

It should be a top priority to make your law firm's landing pages mobile-friendly. If a potential client comes across your website and is greeted with an oddly proportioned landing page, they will likely get frustrated and leave. After all, there are thousands of other sites that have already optimized for mobile-first searches.

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Remember: It's become expected for Google to give mobile-friendly websites a higher ranking than those that aren't. As mobile phones have become more popular, the method Google ranks websites has changed as well.

If you want to know if your site is optimized for mobile searches, Google has a free Mobile-Friendliness Tool that can help you.

Let LawyerLeadMachine Help You Create Better Landing Pages For Your Law Firms

Your law firm's landing pages should be entertaining, informative, and unique as possible while communicating simply and effectively to your visitors. Lawyers and attorneys also need to know what to avoid to making a concept and design for their law firm websites.

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