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How To Write CTAs For Law Firm Marketing?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

5 Essential Tips On Writing Effective CTAs For Lawyer SEO

Calls to action (CTAs) are a staple of law firm marketing (or any digital marketing strategy, for that matter). They're strong, persuasive statements that convince visitors to take specific actions. These could ask them something as simple as reading another blog post. However, you could also ask people for more direct interactions with your law firm, like subscribing to your newsletter, filling out submission forms, etc.

Let's talk about writing the optimal CTA and how it affects Law Firm Marketing and Lawyer SEO.

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1. Instill A Sense Of Urgency

When people have a limited amount of time to act, they are more inclined to do something. As a result, your CTA must explain why they must act now rather than later.

You can do this by emphasizing the statute of limitations or any other time-sensitive factors relevant to the law. Another example would be explaining why it's pertinent for clients to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer before making any life-changing decisions.

That said, CTAs are effective tools to set your Lawyer SEO strategies in motion. They get people to explore your site and perform actions that will benefit your Law Firm Marketing Strategy in the long run.

2. Instilling A Sense Of Necessity

Clients are entitled to compensation for personal injury claims, but why do they need a lawyer? Why shouldn't they accept whatever the insurance companies offer?

In both your content and your CTA, you must convey a sense of necessity. Otherwise, potential clients will believe that a few missed opportunities are acceptable.

Instead of simply telling them how much money they can collect for their personal injury claim, explain why it is vital for their rehabilitation and well-being.

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3. Make Your CTAs Easy To Find

CTAs must be clearly apparent to catch the attention of potential clients. After all, everything happens rapidly on the internet, so don't expect someone to thoroughly examine each website or email. Nevertheless, if your CTA stands out, people will notice it right away.

Here are a few tips for making your CTAs stand out:

  • Choose a color that stands out from the rest of the page. (i.e., your text-based CTA might be red instead of the blog's default black font color)

  • Think about where they'll go. You don't want to put them somewhere where they'll be difficult to find. Clients are much less likely to convert if they have to scroll around to find it.

  • Employ hyperlinked buttons and images (like a few we used in this blog post!).

4. Make Your CTAs Mobile-Friendly

CTAs, as previously said, can be used in a variety of ways (like buttons, pop-ups, and hyperlinked images). You must, however, ensure that these items look just as good on mobile devices as they do on desktop browsers.

Sites that aren't optimized for mobile will struggle to adapt to smaller screens. The entire user experience may be spoiled if your buttons and pop-ups are too large or your image sizes aren't optimized.

Furthermore, the smaller screens on mobile devices make clicking on CTAs more difficult. Make sure that a CTA link or button is big enough to be pressed with a finger.

5. Testing Lets Your Identify The Most Effective CTA

Even if you put all of your knowledge and creativity into crafting the perfect CTA, the real test will come when you reach out to your target audience. After all, what appeals to you may not appeal to your audience.

Remember: Because you should be optimizing for your audience, make sure you're showing them the CTAs they want to see.

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Split testing, often known as A/B testing, compares two different versions of the same element simultaneously. This generates a pure testing environment, with every element on the page except one being left alone.

It's now time to put the CTA to the test. To test a new CTA, follow these crucial steps:

  • Select a parameter. Choosing which parameters to test is the first step in CTA testing.

  • Examine the CTA's wording, color (of the text or the button), size, placement on the page, punctuation, and other features.

  • Put it to the test and see what happens. You can create both versions of the CTA and test which one performs better with your audience (i.e., which generates the most leads, conversions, etc.).

After you've reviewed the test data, you'll be able to select which CTA to employ and how to improve it.

Even minor differences in CTAs can have an impact on conversion rates. However, in terms of time and resources, changing the size of a button, changing the wording, or changing the color costs very little.

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