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4 Factors In Law Firm Reputation Management

How Do You Manage Law Firm Reputation? Here's Where You Start.

Law firms thrive based on reputation alone. Some more popular law firms get more clients based on how the general public sees them. Some are old and proven, while others are more headstrong and aggressive. Other law firms pride themselves on being more compassionate.

Let's be real; there are a lot of great lawyers out there. No law firm will actively go out of its way to perform as poorly as possible, so your competitors are likely working to be effective lawyers as hard as you are.

When skill and knowledge are perceived as equal, clients will choose who to work with based on their current case and how they want to work with lawyers. After all, clients work alongside their lawyers for a long time, so they must work with the most compatible people. This makes law firm marketing extremely crucial.

So, let's talk about reputation management in digital marketing and some actionable tactics to get you started.

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What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management allows you to shape how you're perceived by your audience. This will enable you to attract your target audience, increasing the chances of finding leads.

Reputation is also a crucial part of branding. How you present yourself to the public is how you create a recognizable brand. For example, are you a cutthroat defense attorney? A compassionate family lawyer? A quick-witted personal injury claims lawyer?

This is how names get around. If you've successfully established yourself as a no-nonsense criminal defense lawyer, people will recommend your law firm for similar cases. Various elements contribute to a law firm's reputation, which shifts over time as public opinion shifts. Reviews, public opinion, social network posts, search engine results, and news coverage are possible variables.

The acts of any business are one of the most critical variables that influence it. What matters is how different web platforms, notably Google, interpret it.

Here are a few reputation management factors you need to pay attention to:

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1. Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs)

To make an excellent first impression, you need to be visible where there are a lot of people—search engines. Remember, ranking high means your content is the most relevant and high-quality among all online legal content.

Since Google is getting a lot of traffic, ranking high in the SERPs boosts your overall online visibility. The more people see your law firm's name and content, the more likely they are to trust you. After all, it's hard to trust a law firm that doesn't have a trace of online presence, especially considering today's standards.

So, make sure you're implementing Law Firm SEO strategies to make sure your pages rank well. Extending your reach is the first step to building a reputation in the first place.

2. Reviews and Ratings

Ratings and reviews are one of the most critical aspects that impact reputation. Social media and other review platforms have provided the general people a platform to share their personal brand experiences. As a result, all brands must listen to their customers when they have problems.

As for law firms, a firm that cares about what their clients have to say is generally appreciated. So support them right now since it will help you improve your internet reputation afterward.

3. The Internet and Social Media

These days, consumers and clients are on social media. They sometimes decide on their next purchase based on what they hear about the product on Twitter or Facebook.

In the case of law firms, people often air out their feelings and concerns about their experiences with their lawyers online. For example, people might send private messages and ask about your law firm through links to your business pages.

That said, you must have a presence on social media. But, more importantly, you need to make sure you present yourself in ways you want to. Again, you find the best clients based on managing your reputation. The more social mentions you have and the better the public opinion is, the better your law firm's digital marketing strategy.

You should also keep track of who is tagging you and mentioning your law firm on social media. This will aid you in boosting your reputation and gaining exposure to as many audiences as possible.

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4. Knowledge Panel

Google Knowledge Panel is an essential feature of the Google SERPs. Google generates an information box that appears at the top of the first page of search results.

And since it's the first thing people see, it's also the first thing they'll click on.

You must rank on search engines so that when people search for your law firm, the first page that appears contains good information that will influence the user. Again, this is another reason to invest time into your Lawyer SEO strategy.


Reputation is an intangible asset that goes a long way. Back then, you'd have to manually manage your reputation through yellow pages, ads, and interviews. These days, you can start doing so by implementing Lawyer SEO, a relatively accessible digital marketing strategy that most people can learn—even by themselves.

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