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What Keywords Should I Use For Law Firm SEO?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

3 Keyword Ideas For Your Law Firm's Website

Perhaps one of the first things you need to do before you implement Lawyer SEO is to do keyword research. You will most likely use and adjust them as you maintain your SEO strategy. However, beginners sometimes don't know where to start.

Here are a few tips on where and how you can get ideas. Here are a few tips on how you could get SEO Keywords for your law firm website.

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In Law Firm SEO, keywords are the search terms you want your pages to rank in. Therefore, you will have to look for the most common combination of words that most users type into the search engine. You will also have to compete with other sites and pages the use the exact keywords you've chosen.

Before You Even Sort Through Keyword Ideas

Before you even start looking for keywords to use, you must first look at your Law Firm and decide how you want to market yourself. As mentioned, your keywords will be how searchers will find you—so it has to be accurate.

Remember: SEO is a viable marketing strategy because you're essentially marketing to users who already have (at the very least) some interest in legal services. People tend to look up things on Google when they need something—whether that's knowing about a topic or hiring someone for legal services.

So make sure the pages you optimize for your chosen keywords are also relevant to the search terms. If searchers don't get what they need because a page or blog post is unrelated, they will close the tab. High bounce rates—or the rate at which users immediately leave your site after clicking—aren't favored by most search engine algorithms.

Why Beginners Might Need Some Help

Remember: You can't just decide which keywords to use without consulting tools or SERPs. They aren't personal taglines you can make up on your own. Keywords are the popular combination of terms that users have typed into the search bar.

This means that you sometimes need an idea of what to look for. For example, you know keywords like "Law Firm", "Lawyer", and "Attorney" are excellent choices, but they are too broad and too little to optimize for. It is technically possible to optimize for broad keywords, but you'll essentially be competing with global search results.

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Ideas To Help Start Your Keyword Research

Using SEO tools and manual searches, you'll be able to sort through a few ideas:

1. Areas Of Law

One way to avoid too-broad keywords is to specify your area of law. For example, look for related search terms on "Personal Injury", "Criminal Defense", "Business Law", etc.

You should also remember that people use different keywords even for one area of law.

For Example:

Users might do searches with the following keywords even when they're referring to the same area of law:

  1. Employment Law

  2. Labor Law

  3. Lawyer For Employees

  4. Lawyer For Work

  5. Laws On Employment

Note that the keywords above are only examples, and the most competitive ones tend to change with your geography. Always do research using your own IP.

2. Localized Keywords

As discussed in a previous post, Local SEO is important for lawyers who want to target locals in their state, city, or county. It's also one way to narrow down broader keywords that are far more difficult to compete for.

When using local keywords, you should also adjust your content accordingly.

For Example:

If you're optimizing for "San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer, " your content should be relevant to topics in San Diego. You can use stats, examples, and case summaries related to that area. This makes your post more relevant.

You might notice that some keywords tend to be more conversational. They're usually in the form of a casual question you might ask a friend. These are likely to be from people asking virtual assistants (i.e., Siri, Google Assistant), and the app does the search for them.

It should also be noted that Google's algorithm has become advanced enough to pay attention to user intent, so it can be asked informal questions and will still come back with relevant results. It also has enough user data for searchers to use keywords like "Near Me" and come back with accurate local results.

For Example:

So if you specifically look up popular keywords in your city and end up with ones that have "Near me" and "in my area" affixed, don't hesitate to use them.

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Final Tip: Diversify Your Keywords

Just because your website centers around legal services, that doesn't mean you'd be using every single keyword on every page. Instead, your Attorney SEO should allow you to be found in as many relevant places as possible, for optimizing each page or blog post for different (but maybe interrelated keywords) should maximize your strategy.

Blogging is excellent for content marketing and Lawyer SEO because it allows you to optimize an unlimited amount of posts without crowding your main pages. You should set out to produce different content covering various keyword themes and topics.

That way, you can compete for several different keywords at a time. Just remember to use them properly and avoid SEO no-nos while you're at it.

Why Should You Let LawyerLeadMachine Help You?

Attorney SEO can improve traffic on your Law Firm's website simply by implementing practices that improve your rank in the searches.

If you're a beginner or you're hesitating about giving it a try, you can look through our basic Lawyer SEO Guides. If you need more advanced assistance, you can review your options here.

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