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4 Tips On Choosing Personal Injury Blog Topics

Updated: May 11, 2022

Digital Marketing For Personal Injury Lawyers: Easy Tips On Writing And Optimizing Your Personal Injury Blog

Lawyer SEO is an effective Attorney SEO marketing tool for attracting people with very specific needs. With the right content and optimization, you can attract clients living in a specific state, from a particular demographic, or those with the same current legal concerns. Of course, the easiest (and most cost-effective) way of doing so is by legal blogging.

That said, you need to create targeted content for the people you want to attract to your website—and subsequently, your firm. Here are some personal injury marketing ideas and blogging tips to help you find more clients.

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1. Localize Your Content

An effective Attorney SEO marketing strategy is to concentrate on where you practice. Write about your state, city, or county. Talk about specific laws, accident-prone areas, and the culture surrounding your clients.

For Example:

You can write blogs about the following local topics:

  • Talk about specific tips on road safety by incorporating state-specific statistics.

  • List the most common road accidents in your state.

  • Highlight familiar road and weather conditions.

  • Show past cases you've handled in the state you practice in.

You might also include information about local issues that may affect insurance claims, such as product liability or truck accidents, as well as what steps your clients should take to help their personal injury cases.

Remember: Local SEO is one of the most-effective strategies to find people who are most likely to be your clients.

So while it's good that people from other states come across your law firm's website, the people who live in the state where you have a license to practice law are the ones who are going to come to your office (or schedule a call on Zoom).

Remember to localize your titles, too! For example, instead of "What To Do After A Swimming Pool Accident," you can write "What To Do After A Swimming Pool Accident In California."

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2. Respond To Search Intent

Just because people look for blogs about personal injury doesn't mean they're all looking for the same information.

For example, search terms like "Personal Injury Damages" and "Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation" are asking for two different pages. One is looking for the amount of monetary compensation they can get for their accident. The other is looking for information on how to contact a law firm.

This is called search intent, and it's heavily considered in Lawyer SEO and content marketing for lawyers.

When blogging about personal injury, make sure you post about topics that potential clients are interested in. To accomplish this, consider the purpose of the questions they've posted. You can do so by carefully looking at your keywords and determining what type of content that searcher needs.

3. Use Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete anticipates the questions you'll ask by considering the most common questions people type into the search bar. That said, this is a fantastic resource for blog post ideas for law firm SEO marketing.

If you type a phrase relating to your services into Google, you'll get a list of frequently asked questions. You can then use this information to create excellent legal blog articles.

Try different search terms like:

  • Personal Injury...

  • California Personal Injury...

  • Personal Injury Attorney...

  • What Accident...

  • What To Do...

  • Car Insurance...

For a more informed guess, try looking for keywords and start with those!

4. Keep Up With Real-Life News And Trends

Although some laws don't change for a while, that doesn't mean the rest of the world hasn't. Try incorporating news, technology, and trends into your legal blogs to avoid regurgitating the same content. This makes your content relevant and up to date.

Write about the latest news, especially ones relevant to Personal Injury. If there's a recent event, accident, or news, you can feature them from the perspective of a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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Remember: You also want to write appropriate examples and tips for your blog. For example, if you're writing advice on what to do after a car accident, include tips like "don't post about your accident on social media" and other timely issues clients face.

You might also want to refresh or update old content. For example, if you have a few blogs published before new laws and policies (i.e., pre-covid 19 posts), you might want to update them to keep them relevant. This makes your blogs—especially ones that are already ranking well—more useful to people who come across them.

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