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3 Personal Injury Blog Topic Ideas For Your Law Firm Website

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Expanding Content Ideas For Personal Injury Blogs

Content marketing for attorneys requires high-quality content and a consistent publishing schedule. Otherwise, you won't get the most out of your lawyer SEO and law firm content marketing efforts.

Having said that, you don't want to post boring or repetitive content. Avoid writing about the same personal injury law topics over and over, since you'll risk duplicate content and failing to grow your following.

So, to update the content plan for your legal blog, consider the following personal injury law topic suggestions:

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1. Relevant Information and Trivia

You don't have to keep writing about lawsuits and claims based on personal injury laws. You might also consider pertinent subjects like statistics, case studies, and listicles.

For example, you can write about the rise of motorcycle accidents in California, how that relates to potential clients, and how it might work under personal injury law. Likewise, you can talk about new laws, landmark cases, and relevant policies in which your target audience might find value.

Not to mention, it's relevant enough that you may insert more lawyer keywords and CTAs, even if you're not writing about lawyers and law firms.

Remember: Fresh content is a huge deal in Lawyer SEO. Remember, search engines value the highest quality content. The more relevant your content and information is, the better it'll do in the SERPs.

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2. Write About New Laws And What They Mean For Clients And Your Practice

To learn more about new legislation, people research them. Non-lawyers, however, can struggle to understand specialized jargon and legalese. Sometimes people don't realize how even little legal changes can significantly impact a person's daily life.

When you do this, you're interpreting legal news to make it easier for your audience to understand. After all, you want to produce leads, most of which are from people who need attorneys but aren't legal professionals themselves.

Even if this isn't a direct advertisement for your law practice, this content can drive traffic and generate leads for your law firm. Anyone who wants to read it will do so on your website. Moreover, this kind of content may help you draw in more customers if your website is appropriately designed, has excellent CTAs, and has well-structured internal links.

3. Write About New Or Relevant Cases

Like new laws, landmark cases are an excellent tool to explain the law and how it applies to non-lawyers.

In addition, some people might suddenly be interested in the legal aspects of a recent issue, so they'll start looking them up and find something easy to understand.

Not to mention, some notable examples could receive much more media attention. They are at the very least mentioned on well-known news websites. Thus search trends for related terms will at least slightly increase. Make sure you're the one supplying the stuff they're referencing their ideas from because people may speak about it for a while.

Again, make sure you're writing for an average person who may be interested in law but hasn't studied it as thoroughly as you have.

Remember: you're the expert here. People come to your website because they need information from a lawyer well-versed in their legal concerns.

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