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What Makes A Good Legal Blog

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

How To Improve Your Legal Blog For Law Firm Marketing

One of the best law firm marketing strategies is starting a Legal Blog. That said, there's a lot that goes into legal blogging. Not only should you aim for a high-quality post, but you also need to incorporate SEO practices, so it ranks high, gets backlinks, and attracts traffic.

In this post, we'll discuss the primary factors that make an excellent legal blog. Not just as a piece of legal content but as a vehicle for content marketing for lawyers.

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1. Have A Content Plan

Legal blogging is considered the most accessible lawyer digital marketing strategy. It's even great for marketing for small law firms. After all, you're writing about what you already know and are experienced in, and it doesn't require you to learn too many new skills to get them done.

However, you shouldn't just think about the post you're writing at the moment.

Remember: A high-quality post is often thoughtful, well-researched, and complete.

It would be best if you made guides that can stand on their own. Any additional information about the topic should only be a sub-post to expand on it, not something to add to what the original content lacks.

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2. Choose Your Keywords

Before you start writing your content, you need to find keywords that would help your content's visibility. By doing keyword research, you get to choose high-volume keywords that get the most search traffic.

And if you don't use high-volume keywords, you can go for Local SEO keywords. While long-tail keywords don't get as much volume, they appeal to local searches, from which many of your clients are coming. So, don't forget to consider local SEO for attorneys and incorporate that into your strategy.

3. Choosing Good Titles

Titles are what catch people's attention. Sadly, due to the sheer volume of the available content on the internet, competitions are high. So when people search for the best blog post, they'll only take a second to look at titles and see which ones catch their eye.

Remember: No matter how well you write something, it won't help your Lawyer SEO if people don't click on them.

That said, make sure your titles and headlines are catchy and exciting. Make sure there is an incentive in people clicking on your blog, may that be new information, a complete and well-researched coverage, and a promised value that would help or benefit readers.

4. Write A Good Introduction

When it comes to marketing for attorneys and law firms, just because you got people to click on the blog post doesn't mean they'll stick around. Likewise, if your catchy headline isn't paired with a strong opening paragraph, it still won't cut it.

Remember: People leaving right after clicking on your website will increase your bounce rate, which isn't good for your website's rankings.

Here are a few tips to help you write the best introduction to your blog posts:

  • Get right to the point. People want to get what they need fast. So if it takes you too long to explain what the post is about or how you can help readers, they might not stick around to read further.

  • Promise or offer an incentive. People give you their time in exchange for clicking on your blog and reading your content. Start by appealing to what the reader needs:

    • Are they looking for answers to their questions?

    • Do they need to know how to file a Personal Injury Case?

    • Do they want to see if they're safe from getting fired?

    • How will your law firm help them?

5. Write Digestible Content

Most of your readers—mainly your clients and prospects—aren't lawyers. After all, they come to your blog because they know you're the legal expert.

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That said, you should also adjust your language and delivery based on who your client is. Don't use niche terms and legalese to speak to them. If you use a word that's only primarily used in legal circles, take the time to quickly introduce the concept or explain its meaning before going any further.

Remember: Your content is most helpful when it doesn't require the reader to do extra work to know much about the topic. They should be getting everything they need to know from your blog.

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