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How To Reduce Bounce Rates On Florida Law Firm Websites

Why Watch Out For High Bounce Rates In Florida Lawyer SEO

It's not enough to get people to click on the links to your pages; they need to stick around and consume the content. Google is now advanced enough that they're able to calculate dwell time, too. So if people are immediately clicking off, that's a bad sign.

Not to mention, you'd want people to stick around for your digital marketing efforts to work. So the draw for your law firm marketing strategy comes from not only keywords and rankings but also content, CTAs, site design, landing pages, and other tools to boost conversion.

That said, what exactly is a bounce rate? What's a good number? And how can you reduce the number of times people immediately click off?

Let's discuss:

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What's A Bounce Rate?

When people immediately click off after opening one of your pages, it is considered a "bounce". Simply put, bounce rates are the percentage of people who bounce. So, for example, if you had 200 clicks and 23 of those were bounces, then you have a 46% bounce rate.

This could mean a few things, including:

  • The user didn't find what they were looking for

  • They found what they need in seconds

  • They changed their mind

  • Your website had slow loading speeds

People have their reasons for clicking off. However, Google's algorithm will interpret high bounce rates as a point off your page and will rank a page with longer dwell times higher. Hence, why it's crucial to address possible problems people see on your Florida law firm website, so they don't immediately close the window or click off.

What's A Good Bounce Rate?

The optimal bounce rate depends on your page's purpose, content, or keywords. That said, for easy reference, the general rule is that 56% or higher is considered a high bounce rate, 41%-55% is average, and 40% and below is considered an optimal range.

However, it's important to note that getting a 0% bounce rate is impossible. Remember, people can click by mistake or will get what they're looking for at one glance. So, don't worry if some people click off seconds after opening your website; you just need to ensure that the rate doesn't cross high bounce rate territory.

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How Can You Reduce Bounce Rates On Law Firm Websites?

As we've already briefly mentioned a few possible causes of high bounce rates, here are a few ways to address those problems:

1. Use Relevant Keywords

People use specific keywords with intent. This means they'll expect a certain kind of information when they're searching through the SERPs. If your content doesn't match the search intent, users won't get what they need from your page.

2. Deliver As Promised In The Title

Similar to using relevant keywords, titles shouldn't mislead audiences. For example, if your title is "How Long Do You Have To Pay Alimony in Florida?" users should be able to access the answer to the question within your content. If it's just a general discussion of alimony or something else entirely, it would satisfy the user's need for information.

Remember, content used in Florida law firm marketing is only effective if users find value in them. If they don't get what they need or find a use for your content, it will not build trust or convince them to stick around for more.

3. Optimize Loading Speeds

User experience is crucial in consuming content and exploring law firm websites. If a website is too slow, poorly designed, or error-ridden, it doesn't encourage people to use it. Even custom fonts that don't load or are hard to read can prevent people from reading your content, no matter how good your information is.

That said, loading speeds are one of the first things people notice about your website. If it takes too long for them to access the information they need, they might give up and look for it somewhere else. Not to mention, some devices and internet connections are slow, so unoptimized pages will be hard to access. So, compress images, avoid heavy site themes, and reduce animations on your website.

4. Include Crucial Information At The Top Of The Page

As mentioned, people click off if they don't get what they need or expect from your page. It'll be hard to find if the crucial information is at the bottom or in between long sections. So, you want to ensure the most crucial information is at the top or near it so people can easily find it.

Using the same example, "How Long Do You Have To Pay Alimony in Florida?", you want to avoid burying the section about how long alimony payments last at the bottom or somewhere hard to find. Remember, people clicked on it to specifically answer their questions, so putting non-priority information up top will not provide their desired answers and solutions.

Some content writers will mention or allude to the most important topic, so that the audience knows they're on the right page.

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