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The Psychology Of Social Proof In Lawyer SEO

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

A Quick Guide To Lawyer SEO, Social Proof, And Law Firm Marketing

In law firm marketing, social proof can be used to prove that other individuals have used and valued a legal firm's services. People are more likely to buy a product or hire a professional who others have used, availed, or recommended, so having social proof can inspire more people to schedule an appointment with you.

The most critical aspect of law firm social proof is this: people are more likely to participate in something if they see others doing it.

So, let's talk about social proof, why your law firm needs it, and how it can directly benefit your Lawyer SEO.

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How Can You Show Social Proof?

Social proof can be shown in multiple ways, including:

  • Photos And Videos. Photos and videos of and from clients are great visual examples of social proof. You can also include photos from events and guest speaking events.

  • Reviews. Most potential clients will look up reviews. They're accessible through sites and platforms like Google Reviews and Yelp. A good review average rating can boost your Lawyer's SEO, and a very low one can indirectly harm it.

  • Data. You can use numbers and statistics to show your history, efficiency, and skill. Show off the number of past clients, and past cases, and list your more successful ones.

  • Awards And Recognition. These are evidence that someone (or an organization) has acknowledged your skills and legal work. These can be used in your lawyer bios, directories, and "about us" pages.

  • Social Media Mentions. Social media mentions, like reviews, can help spread the word about your law firm while also proving its validity. Because information spreads quickly on social media, being mentioned can significantly increase brand recognition for any company.

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Again, the whole thesis of social proof is that people are likely to follow when others have gone in first. The best example of this is when people look for reviews of products before purchasing them. Not only do they want to know how it went for other people, but they also want to see that other people have tried something and will be more confident about making a purchasing decision.

This works for your law firm, too. Some new potential clients might hesitate to come to you for their concerns, even if you provide them with as much information about you as you can.

Why Does Your Law Firm Need Social Proof?

Remember: Information directly coming from your law firm, no matter how true, can still come off as a marketing technique. After all, no business or firm is ever going o write bad things about itself.

Social proof essentially provides a more unbiased perspective. These perspectives tend to come from people who have little to no interest in leaving rave reviews and mentions about your law firm.

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How Does Social Proof Affect Lawyer SEO?

While social proof doesn't directly boost your ranking, Domain Authority, or keywords, it can still help you when it comes to brand awareness, traffic, and conversions.

The more people hear about you, the more testimonials, reviews, and recommendations you get, and the more fresh eyes are turned your way. They could follow you on social media, visit your website, or look up your law firm's GMB listing.

How Can LawyerLeadMachine Assist Your Law Firm SEO Needs?

Lawyer SEO requires dedicated on-page and off-page tactics to boost traffic and conversions. Social proof, CTAs, and landing pages are some of the few essential drivers of client conversions.

To get started on your SEO strategy, review options to work with us here.

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